Meet Teddy and Harry

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Following the death of Patricia a few days ago, the road and pavement outside became a hive of activity.  First there was the blue and white tape across the road to keep everyone not officially connected to the police away from the site.

I was watching out to see if my favourite CSI (the modern name for scene of crime officers) would be making an appearance.  After a short time I spotted her – well she’s not an easy person to miss!  Teddy (whose Sunday name is Theodora – but you didn’t hear that from me) trotted up the road, followed as always by her gorgeous Bichon Frise dog, Harry.  Although he really isn’t allowed, he is so well-behaved that every official turns a blind eye to him sitting there. 

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While Teddy was doing her job, placing markers on the surface of the road and then photographing them, so that at a later date there wouldn’t be any confusion as to where specific items had been found, Harry sat quietly just behind the tape and waited for her to return to him.  Every few minutes he gave a single woof, as if to say “I’m still here.  You haven’t forgotten me.”  Not that Teddy would have left him behind – no Harry and Teddy were inseparable.  You could guarantee that where one of them was, the other would also be there.

Teddy is quite a flamboyant character.  She has her hair in multi-coloured stripes.  The colours change from week to week.  She always wears Doc Martens – I don’t know how many pairs she has but I haven’t seen her in the same pair twice.  She also likes to wear dungarees for work.  I think she feels comfortable in them, and considering the crime scenes she has to attend this is very sensible.  She often wears one of those expensive duck down jackets.  She reckons that they are the best for keeping warm.

She turned towards my window, which I opened and shouted down to her.  “Have you time to come up for a coffee?”  She nodded at me and waved her mobile phone and then rang me to say that she’ll be up to see me in about an hour.   I love Teddy and Harry coming to visit me.  I’ve known Teddy since she was a wee girl with her hair in pigtails.  She always told me that she was going to be a CSI when she was older.  She went to university and studied forensics and with her main hobby being photography when she left she was able to secure a position with one of the divisional police headquarters.  During her time at university she went on work placements and decided that this was definitely what she wanted to do.

She told me that she loves the variety of work that she does – although some crime scenes are awfully distressing she is professional at all times – another skill which is essential.

While I was waiting for Teddy to arrive, I thought about poor Patricia and what a hole she will leave in so many peoples’ lives.  She always popped in to see those residents who may not be feeling well, or had injured themselves and couldn’t manage to do their shopping.  “Give me a list and I’ll get it for you” she said, and many folk were grateful for this act of kindness.

A little while later there was a tap at my door which then opened.  In walked Teddy, who was closely followed by an excited Harry, wagging his tail as fast as possible.  As soon as he saw me, Harry trotted over and sat at my feet.  I knew what he was waiting for – no, not one of my shortbread biscuits!  He knew I kept some doggy treats and Bonios in the bureau.

When I had got Harry his treats and then poured Teddy and me a cup of coffee each (yes, we did have shortbread) Teddy brought me a little more up to speed on the situation outside.  Apparently it is now obvious that it wasn’t just an accident.  The driver of the sports car had evidently slowed down at the top of the road, and thedeliberately drove into poor Patricia, even driving partially on the pavement.  The other cars involved in the “accident” were completely innocent.  Neither car had been speeding, and they couldn’t have anticipated a body landing right in front of the first car.

Teddy said that she would be here at the scene for about another couple of hours.  She was having to mark and photograph everything, and she was also collecting many samples.    She thought that she may need to come back a few  times more.  She was the only CSI available today – and that was only because a court case finished earlier than expected.  I asked what had happened to the other CSIs who covered this division – all their cases had run a little behind schedule.  If there aren’t CSIs available, then calls would be made to nearby divisions, to find out whether they could borrow one for a few days.

It was lovely having Teddy and Harry visit me, and when she said that she been promoted to senior CSI I was absolutely delighted for her.  She works so hard.  The good news from my point of view is that she will be back here again.  It will gives me the opportunity of cooking a meal for her.  No doubt Harry will come too – Teddy can leave him with me for a couple of hours and he can sit and eat biscuits.  I expect that I will have plenty of visitors over the next couple of days wondering if I have managed to find out anything yet.  All I can do at the moment is wait for Teddy to update me with some details. 

Well, then friends I’ve had quite enough excitement for one day.  I’ll speak to you again soon.  As Always –

With Love – Jan xx   

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I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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