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Well, good morning friends – I received a phone call from Mrs. M this morning.  She asked if it would be convenient for her to visit me this afternoon.  As you are all aware, I really enjoy her company, even though my biscuit tin does take a hammering (as does my yarn stash). 

During the morning I started to wonder whether there was a specific reason for her coming to see me.  She has been a little quiet recently, although that isn’t surprising when you consider the events of last week.  After she rang, I pottered around – I do like my small flat to look reasonably tidy, even though I don’t always succeed. I had an early lunch and settled down with my knitting.  Yes, my dears, thank you for asking, I’m getting on very well with my cardigan although the sleeves do seem to take for ever.  By the time I’ve finished the increases, then carried on until they are sufficiently long, before eventually beginning the shoulder shaping I feel that I should have a medal for perseverance.  I have long arms and there is nothing worse than sleeves that finish somewhere above the wrist.  

I must admit that I am looking forward to seeing Mrs. M again.  We always have a good chat and she is wonderfully up-to-date with the local gossip.  I’m not sure where she gets her information, although she does have some help from a local woman who is known to be an excellent cleaner who is very much in demand.  Mrs. M refers to her as her “housekeeper” – in my opinion that is considerably elevating the position of a woman who whizzes round her apartment with a feather duster and vacuum cleaner for a couple of hours, twice a week.

Mrs. M likes to arrive at about 3pm which is quite convenient for me.  I already have the kettle boiling and have warmed the teapot in readiness.  When Mrs. M visits in an afternoon we always have our tea in a china cup and saucer, with the side plates waiting in readiness to receive the shortbread biscuits.  I’ve stopped putting biscuits out on a plate, and leave them in the tin so that Mrs. M can choose which she prefers on each occasion.

Right on time my doorbell rings.  Mrs. M is standing in the corridor, and she is dressed really smartly.  I don’t recall seeing her in that dress and jacket before.  It is in shades of blue and green which swirl together and reminds me of waves gently moving around the rocks on our local beach.

She does look well today.  I am really pleased about that as I was a little concerned whether she would be able to bounce back to normal after being knocked down.  We settled down with our cups of tea, together with Mrs. M’s little plate which she has filled with biscuits.  Although I do keep a good choice of other biscuits Mrs. M always ignores them and dives straight into the shortbread.  It’s fortunate that Tim replenished my supply at the weekend. 

I decided to put my knitting away just before she arrived, otherwise I would be likely to lose count and having spent so long on it, I don’t want to spend tomorrow undoing half a dozen rows.  Mrs. M barely waited until I sat down before she started to tell me about the new coffee shop which is due to open very shortly.  Apparently a young couple have taken the lease – there are decorators painting now that all the alterations have been completed and it will soon be ready for the furniture.  Mrs. M says that someone has noticed leather sofas being taken into the premises, as well as the usual tables and chairs.

The one thing Mrs. M hasn’t seen is a menu; however she says that they will be offering special prices for pensioners. That’s good – we all have to make our limited funds stretch as far as possible.  Mrs. M is very excited about this and says that as soon as she knows the date they are opening we will arrange to visit for coffee and cakes.  If the painters are already there, I don’t think it will be too long before they are ready to open.

The other piece of news she wants to tell me concerns the library which has recently had a makeover in order to make it more attractive to visitors.  I must admit that I haven’t, as yet, paid a visit to the library.  I have plenty of books on my Kindle waiting for me to read.  However, I do enjoy going to visit the library and Mrs. M says that they will now be offering a huge range of classes, both daytime and evening.  Apparently the library wants to become a bigger part of the village – somewhere the community will be able enjoy, and not just for books.  There will be a café there, too – my goodness, we will be spoilt for choice.

By the time Mrs. M and I finished our tea, and had a second pot, the afternoon had disappeared.  Mrs. M said that she was expecting visitors during the evening – what a surprise!  We arranged to meet again in a couple of days as we have other matters to discuss.  Mrs. M tentatively suggested that she could do with some yarn, and I responded that I will find some in time for when she next visits me.

With a swift goodbye, Mrs. M collected her bag and I closed the door behind her.  Now there are several new opportunities to find out what is going on here – I will be able to go out into the coffee shop and watch people coming and going here without it looking suspicious.  I have important visitors that I am expecting within the next couple of days.  After that, I will start my plan of action – whatever I decide it will be!!  Now I had better go and cook my supper so – As Always –

With Love – Jan xx

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I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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