Things Get Even Worse…

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Well my dears, here we are again.  It only seems a few days since we were speaking – and indeed now that I’ve checked, it is! 

I had been chatting to Teddy, who brought Harry to see me.  He is such a friendly little dog and really well behaved.  I haven’t ever known an animal so like his owner – he is wonderfully alert, and bounces around, just like a rubber ball. Teddy went back to work and left Harry with me for a couple of hours.  I went to the bureau, and brought out a couple of treat sized Bonios – I didn’t want Teddy to say that I had spoilt his mealtime, by over-feeding him.  Once Harry had gobbled them up he settled down on the throw I had put on the carpet for him.  It was just in a little patch of sunlight, so he was very happy to snuggle down there.

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Whilst Harry was dozing I got out my knitting – I really needed to finish this shawl for Mrs. M.  If you remember, my dears, Mrs. M left me with little choice about knitting one (or two) for her.  Anyway, I’ve nearly completed this first shawl.  I just need to finish this row, knit another one and then bind off.  I will be delighted once this is completed.  I hate feeling under pressure to make an item.  It takes the enjoyment away.  Well, it does as far as I’m concerned – I don’t know whether you agree with me!  I like to take my time over things, not just rush to finish them and then to gift them immediately.

Sorry, dears – I’ve wandered away again.  I find I’m doing this more often now, as I’m getting older.  Now what was I saying… Yes Harry had dozed off, his little legs moving very quickly, presumably he was chasing rabbits, or something equally tasty, in his dreams.  Every so often, he gave a little whine and then carried on with his adventures.

All of a sudden I could hear shouting in the corridor.  Now this is very unusual so I decided I should take a quick look.  I struggled to my feet and shut Harry in the living room.  He was growling quietly and I didn’t want him to race out into the corridor.  The noises continued but seemed to be more distant.  What on earth was going on?   By the time I reached my door and opened it I could see three people heading towards the stairs at the other end of the corridor – the person in the middle seemed to be struggling to get away from the other two, but they were too strong for him.

There was no way I would be able to catch up with them.  I decided the best thing would be to go back into my flat and watch what happened when they were outside.  I went to the window in the living room and was just in time to see Mr. Jones who lives in the flat a couple of doors away from me being pushed inside a white van similar to a transit or possibly slightly larger.  Philip is only a slight man and it was easy for the other men to lift him inside and pull the door closed with a loud bang.  I looked through my binoculars and was able to read part of the number plate as the van drove off at some speed. 

I dialled 999 and asked for the police.  A lovely young lady answered and I explained that there appeared to have been a kidnapping of a resident.  The operator asked me a couple of details – our address, my name and which flat I lived in and I was asked to hang-up the phone and the police would be here very shortly.

I went back to Harry who was, by now fully awake.  I put some fresh water in a bowl and just as I sat down my phone rang again.  It was Teddy and she was on her way back.  I quickly explained what had just happened and that I was awaiting a visit from the police shortly.  Teddy said she had bought some pastries for us and would be here in about ten minutes.  She said she would make a nice cup of tea for us both when she arrived.

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A few minutes later the buzzer sounded.   I wasn’t sure if it would be Teddy or the police although I had noticed a squad car which was parked outside.  It was the police but Teddy had just arrived at the same time.   Two police officers came into my flat with Teddy who made a pot of tea for everyone.  Teddy took Harry outside for a quick walk as he was jumping around her with excitement. While they were out the officers asked me to explain exactly what had happened.  I repeated the event to them, while one officer made notes.  After a few minutes they went to Mr. Jones’ flat just to ascertain that he wasn’t there.  Apparently the door had been left wide open and one or two items had been damaged.   They closed the door and one officer was going to stay there until the flat could be locked.  They needed to find out where the spare keys were being held. The men then went away after first taking the partial number plate which I had managed to write down.

Once they had gone Teddy and I settled to another cup of tea and the pastries she had brought.  Teddy said that she had some news for me, provided that the information didn’t go any further.  Well, of course, I wouldn’t tell anyone about news which had been told to me in confidence.  Apparently, the searches Teddy made in Patricia’s flat revealed several clear fingerprints.  Some were only partial prints, but others were complete.  The prints in question were made by three different people.  Two of them are men who are known to the police and have been involved in several crimes in the past.  They have also served quite substantial prison sentences, and in fact, one person was only released from prison a few weeks’ prior to poor Patricia’s death.

The local police division are trying to trace these particular criminals, but unfortunately, the person released from prison has moved away from the hostel where he was supposed to reside for six months, under supervision from the probation service and other agencies.  The other man involved also appears to have disappeared!  Apparently there may be a reconstruction of Patricia’s death for the BBC1 programme Crimewatch Roadshow.  I understand that the format of the programme has changed, but even so, if it is broadcast, it will be very interesting, and of course, the police will be hoping to find more witnesses.

Well, now there is another crime which needs to be investigated.  Why was Mr. Jones taken away this morning? Who needed him to be removed from our building?  Where has he been taken?  I do hope that he hasn’t suffered any injuries as a result of being manhandled!

I’m sorry my dears, that this is even longer than usual.  I really must let you go now.  Teddy and Harry will be here for a short while and then it will be time for me to cook my lunch.  I’m not sure what to have today – possibly some fish.  I need to investigate the contents of my freezer.   I will be back with you soon – As Always –

 With Love – Jan xx

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I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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