Gently, Gently, Evidently We are Safe so Far…

My dear, yes I know that title may sound optimistic, but I’m not convinced that the status quo is likely to remain for much longer.  I’m learning that things change around here – almost on a daily basis – so I’m getting prepared for the next onslaught.

There do seem to be a lot of comings and goings which started yesterday.  Having said that, we still have the electricians in the building and they have been here for weeks.  They have taken the false ceilings down and are clomping around above our heads, while whistling and singing (if you could call it that) very loudly.

I don’t know how many workmen are here, but they seem to be making very slow progress.  If you manage to see one of the guys and are quick enough to engage them in a little conversation – well, a couple of sentences seem to be the limit of their vocabulary skills and ask them how long they anticipate being here, the response is something along the lines of “you’ll have to ask the gaffer” which doesn’t assist me one jot as the boss hasn’t been seen on site since they started their “essential maintenance” at least four weeks ago.

Be that as it may, the wind is rattling around some evenings and while the workers disappear mid-afternoon, we the residents, don’t and can’t.  Sorry for my mini rant, my dear, I am really starting to sound like a grumpy old woman!  I’m not sure what has affected my mood so badly.  It may be the poor weather we’ve been having – although it’s wonderfully sunny, with blue skies here today.  Perhaps it’s the changing seasons with the gentle shift from summer to autumn which brings the much shorter days and very long, dark nights.

Changing the subject, and I’m not really sure that you’ll be interested, but I’ve been sorting through my clothes.  I had a huge clear-out of various items before I moved here, but even so, I have many clothes that are now too big for me.  It’s great to keep them all in case they are needed in the future, and I will hang on to some, but as I’m so limited for storage space I need to send some items to the charity shop.

I’ve had a couple of phone calls this week which may be of interest to you.  The first was from my M15 contact who has asked if he can visit me in a few days.  We had previously arranged a meeting and unfortunately he had to cancel it as he injured himself in a rather nasty fall and didn’t want to travel until he felt a little better.  I felt quite sorry for the guy as he was obviously rather embarrassed for his reason in needing to delay our appointment.  He is also aware that I have a propensity for hitting the floor rather more regularly than is good for me and turning myself into fifty shades of grey/blue/purple and green – plus many other colours as well.

He had obviously fallen rather more awkwardly than my efforts and now has a leg in plaster and a matching cast on his arm.  I understand that he will be arranging a driver to bring him up here, so I think this meeting must be quite important.  I am really looking forward to hearing what he has to say and I will obviously ensure that you, my dear, will be privy to as much as I can possibly tell you without breaking any rules!

I mentioned earlier that I had received two phone calls which may be of interest to you.  The second was from Billy – now I’m sure you remember that Georgie my old school friend who lives just across the corridor has been walking out with a rather gorgeous man called Billy.  He rang me and asked if he could pop round some time without Georgie being aware.  Such intrigue, my dear!  Well, he will be coming for coffee tomorrow morning.  I know that Georgie has a couple of appointments in the village and will be out for at least two hours, so that seems to be the most appropriate time.  I’m not sure why he wants to see me – however, I’ll contain my curiosity until tomorrow.  Yes, my dear, of course I will tell you about the conversation – you didn’t think that I wouldn’t mention it!  Fortunately Georgie doesn’t read this little blog of mine – she used to read it avidly, and then became a little confused as to whether she was hearing things from me, or reading about them here.  I can really understand how difficult it is when you know someone involved, but then you’re unsure where you’re up to within the plot – such as it is!

Right my dear the morning has disappeared without trace so I better start to make tracks with making some lunch.  I really must remember to eat something a little more substantial today.  I hope you enjoy your day and I’ll be back to report on developments as soon as possible.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. Very interesting! Are you sure that those electricians aren’t putting in hidden cameras and recording equipment? They have been taking a long time, haven’t they.
    I shall be waiting to hear what your MI5 man has to say, but be careful won’t you. X


    1. Hi Frances – the workmen had been booked a long time ago – apparently it had been a planned upgrade which residents had been told about. I did receive a letter saying that the electrics were due to be modernised. It just seems to be a long time when you can hear them a fair bit of the time. xx


  2. HiJan when you have been talking about the workmen I instantly wondered just what they were doing? Did you get letters telling you about the alterations – I would be making some enquiries – these little cameras can be put anywhere showing just where you keep your valuables – be very careful!!!! X


    1. Hi Sandra – they aren’t working in any flats and all the work is above the corridors, and not in the roof space above the flats. I am optimistic that the work will be completed in the next two weeks. xx


  3. So the mystery deepens. Talking about the electricians working in the roof space reminded me of the banging that you mentioned a few weeks back. Has that been sorted now? Interesting that the MI5 man wants to see you – wonder whats all that about. Billy ‘Goat’ seems to be acting in a suspicious way. Maybe he just wants advice in buying Georgie a gift. Look forward to the next instalment.


    1. Maggie – no, the banging is intermittent and ongoing. I think it may be the wind coming from the eaves – but only when it’s in a certain direction. It’s made worse because of the false ceilings which have been lifted while the work is being carried out. I think that Billy is a genuine guy who cares for Georgie and it will be interesting to find out what he wants to discuss with me. xx


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