Money Makes the World go Around…

How are you today my dear?  Thank you I’m fairly well, under the circumstances.  Yes, I know it was a dreadful shock to hear about Gordon’s death, along with two other folk – one of whom was a resident here.  A few days have passed and rumours are starting to circulate.  I fully expected that this would happen, as in any place where a group of people live, work or congregate there is bound to be gossip.  Now sometimes it can be accurate and/or amusing, but at the other end of the scale it can be malicious and completely unfounded.

I really don’t like to sound as if I am preaching, but there needs to be a basis for the gossips to start speculating – not just the wild imagination of people who should know better.  We are not in the playground now and although Gordon may not have been as white as the driven snow, he deserves to rest peacefully, at least till the police know the full truth. At this time stories are being created – it’s pure fabrication by folk wanting to increase their standing in the community.  It sounds ridiculous, my dear to suggest that, but some folk with too much time on their hands, and too few brain cells, think they are the new Inspector Morse without actually knowing anything. 

I feel better for having got that off my chest – I have been terribly wound up and hearing someone down the corridor shouting to another resident “did you know that Gordon was a member of the Mafia?” makes my blood boil.  Absolute poppycock my dear – where on earth do they think we are?  This isn’t fiction, it’s real life and it affects people.

So what do I know that is fact and not just speculation?  I have some information from my contact in the security services as now it would appear that Gordon has been in their sights for some time.  I don’t know why, but I certainly understand that several crimes which I had expected to be investigated by the local police have had some cross-over with events being coordinated by M15.  I appreciate that the security services aren’t the police and as such don’t investigate, after the event.  They listen to intelligence and make a conscious decision whether or not that particular individual or groups of people are involved in something that they are interested in knowing more about.

I do know that Peter’s sister, who also died in Gordon’s apartment wasn’t involved in anything that was remotely illegal.  Apparently her husband had died a short time previously and as Peter had recently retired he invited her to stay with him for a few days.  The police and Teddy have been into Peter’s apartment to check whether anything had been disturbed but apparently everything seemed to be neat and tidy and in its rightful place – although as none of the officers had been in there previously it was a little difficult for them to know.

 They did manage to find several mobile phones, one of which seemed to be used specifically to ring two people – one of whom was Gordon.  Why anyone would have the need for more than one mobile I just don’t know – I have enough trouble keeping track of mine.  I seem to mislay it very regularly!  The thought of using different phones to contact various contacts seems rather unnecessary – and probably very expensive.  I do know that all of Peter’s phone records have been requested so that there may be a paper-trail which can be followed to establish the connections. 

I understand that Gordon also had several mobiles in his apartment.  They had been locked in a small safe, so I assume they hadn’t been used recently, as Gordon had been away for a few weeks.  Fortunately the combination of the safe was listed – obviously not under the heading of ”Safe Combination” but with the slightly vague title of “Document Storage”.  Once the numbers had been found the safe was opened and the police seized some useful pieces of documentation, together with the mobiles and at the back there were packets of new banknotes in bundles of £500 with the bands around them.  They had obviously come direct from the bank.  I was told there was a substantial amount of cash – far more than you would be expect to be found in a small apartment. 

I like to have cash available for the odd necessities, but to have £10,000 in ready cash seems rather excessive.  (I wonder if now would be a good time for me to ask for the £175 back which I had to pay for the additional prize money).  No, you’re probably right and I will now have to wave goodbye to any chance of it being reimbursed.

The other piece of information I have is that Peter also had a small safe in the fitted wardrobe in his bedroom.    It was hidden at the back behind his shoes and no-one would normally expect to look there.  I know that the combination hasn’t been found as yet, although Peter, being a former solicitor, had everything written down.  He used several files and notebooks to keep track of everything, but it will take some time to go through everything.

Peter’s sister had been staying in the small second bedroom, which he normally used as an office as there was a small desk which had been pushed into a corner when he had visitors.  The bedroom was really neat and apart from a few toiletries on the desk next to her suitcase there wasn’t very much of a personal nature which was lying around.

I gather that in her handbag there was a railway ticket for return journey together with her purse and her Kindle.  There was a small project bag sitting next to her suitcase which contained some 4ply yarn and needles.

So that, my dear, is the current position.  I don’t feel as if I’ve been able to tell you very much, but I wanted you to be aware, so that you don’t think I’m keeping things from you.  Of course, the other point is that I’m likely to forget if I don’t tell you immediately I’ve been told them.

On that note, I think I better decide what I’m going to have for my evening meal.  I’ll be back as soon as I have more news for you.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx   

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. Well Jan. thank you for letting us know the latest information, although it doesn’t really take us much further does it. I know it’s not your fault, but it’s very strange, isn’t it. I wonder if there’s someone else in another apartment? The number of mobile phones around certainly sound very suspicious, as well as all that cash. Please hurry up and find out more for us. Thank you, as always. X


    1. Frances – I understand that you’d like to have some more answers – however, I feel that I must tread a little more carefully now. Someone certainly seems to be able to wander around unnoticed – or perhaps they are expected to be here? It makes you wonder if any other residents are involved in these crimes. xx


  2. I do worry that the perpetrator has managed to walk in and out of your community and not be noticed. Maybe it is time for security cameras. I worry for the safety of all of the residents incase the perpetrators think some of you may have witnessed the terrible deed.


    1. Lisa – there are cameras at the front entrance, but it could be, say, the milkman or postmen who have legitimate reasons for being here. There are also many other deliveries to the building every day plus visitors calling on residents. xx


  3. The mystery deepens, but we are no longer any further into solving the crime or crimes if they are all linked. Very suspicious that Gordon had all that ‘brand new’ money in his safe and all those phones. Why, why, why.? There’s a lot more to this to come out. Look forward to hearing the next chapter.


  4. I’m curious about the other newer residents that moved in around the same time, I believe you said there were 3 in a very short time.


    1. Karen, yes there have been three guys who have moved in very recently. If I remember correctly, Albert moved in after his wife died, I’m not too sure about the other two chaps. Being on the second floor I don’t always hear what is going on on the ground and first floors. xx


  5. It al still sounds very fishy to me – that’s a lot of money to have even in a safe – so where is it from – was he a Liam shark ? Was he buying and selling things? Oooh look forward to finding out!!! X


    1. Hi Sandra – nice to have you back again. Goodness knows – I wouldn’t expect anyone to need that amount of ready cash – certainly not in a residential complex. xx


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