They’re getting Married…

Good Day, my dear – how are you?  I trust you’ve managed to shake off that cold you had earlier in the week.  Unfortunately they can sometimes linger for weeks, and just when you think it’s finally gone, it can often return – sometimes, even worse than it was originally!

I did want to have a little chat with you today.  My friend Georgie rang during the weekend and invited herself over to see me.  Georgie is a wonderful woman, but occasionally she can have an idea which is totally ridiculous.  I’ll go back to the beginning of the story and try to explain what I mean.

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As you know Billy asked Georgie if she would marry him.  Georgie, after dithering around for a short time, decided that she would like that and off they trotted to look at engagement rings.  They found one that Georgie really liked, so Billy purchased it for her.  It is a rather beautiful piece of jewellery, but not quite the style I would have expected her to choose.

Anyway, getting back to the story – Georgie came to see me, and once we had our cups of tea the conversation headed towards weddings and one specific wedding.  She started off by saying that she had decided to hire a Wedding Planner.  Well, my dear, you could have knocked me down with a feather.  Why on earth do they need to pay for the services of someone to plan a small event for them?

I fully accept that wedding planners can be brilliant for organising a large wedding, which has an equally huge budget.  My cousin Philippa engaged a planner for their daughter’s wedding.  It was an enormous affair and there were several Lords on the guest list!  The firm of planners arranged everything, from the rehearsal dinner, bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses and the groom’s and best man’s attire plus the outfits for all of the groomsmen.  They booked the caterers and flowers as well as 101 other things.  The reception was held in a marquee in their large garden.  It was a fabulous event.  Yes, my dear, I do have some relatives who move among the middle classes….. and even higher!!  No, I’m sorry I won’t be mentioning names as you probably wouldn’t know them anyway, so it’s quite irrelevant.

Back to Georgie and her daft idea to hire a wedding planner.  She had it in her mind that she wanted a “posh” wedding, before she was too old.  I pointed out that we aren’t too old for anything – the only thing to be mindful of, is not to waste a great amount of money on the one day – no matter how important!

When it came down to it, she really didn’t have a clue how to organise and plan the day, and she thought that by hiring a wedding planner, everything would be taken care of for her.  Well, yes, of course she is right, but the anticipation is increased by being involved in the arrangements.  We are perfectly capable of making a few phone calls and if they want to hold the event in a hotel, they will need to visit it themselves anyway.  I don’t actually think they would enjoy a formal wedding – neither Georgie or Billy are the kind of folk who would be happy being careful what they said all day, not being able to call a spade, a shovel, and needing to work to a timetable.

When it comes down to it, Georgie doesn’t want a long flowing white dress and Billy won’t want to be dressed in a morning suit!  They don’t need bridesmaids or groomsmen as there are only small numbers of folk to accommodate.

While I was wittering away to Georgie she started to laugh.  I stopped talking and just looked at her and shrugged my shoulders, in a “what are you laughing at” sort of manner.  She said “I’ve got my wedding planner – you’ll arrange everything for me, won’t you?”  Heck, now how did I walk into that one?  My big mouth just won’t leave things alone.

When she started speaking again, she said that she had only suggested a wedding planner because she hadn’t any ideas about what to do and didn’t really want to deal with it.  She was more than happy to have the wedding as long as she and Billy could just turn up and get married, and everything else had been sorted for them.  While we talked a little more, she said that they didn’t want a huge number of people attending, just the few remaining family members that they had, and some friends.  There would probably be no more than about thirty people in total.  We started discussing whether she would like a church wedding, but she said that Billy didn’t really want that, and she wasn’t bothered.  I asked her about whether she would prefer the Registry office or a local hotel, but she didn’t seem over enthusiastic about either of those alternatives.  I then suggested something completely different, which would take a little organising, but could be done.  It would probably be easier to arrange it over a couple of days and then the reception could be held separately either at a hotel or perhaps even here with outside caterers.

I’ve left Georgie to have a wee chat with Billy and we will continue our conversation after that has taken place.  I think she quite likes my idea, so will wait to hear Billy’s reaction.  I’m not sure how I got roped into this, but there you are – and she is my oldest pal.  It’s lovely to have friends – Georgie has been there for me when I’ve needed it, so it’s good to be able to do something nice for her.

Well my dear, I’ve rambled on for far too long again.  It’s time for me to think about my next shopping list.  I’ll speak with you again soon.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

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I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. Something to celebrate, I am sure you will have fun organising it. Keep it simple and that will be lovely. I was a wedding florist for many years. I loved the simple elegant wedding I worked on.


    1. Lisa – yes, I’m sure I will enjoy it, as long as I am left to get on with it! It must have been lovely working on the flowers for weddings. Always a joyous occasion. xx


  2. Jan – as I was reading through I thought to myself I know what’s coming here and it did. I think you will love doing the wedding you are so good at planning and keeping most of us in order. It will be a lovely relief from all the doom and gloom that has been happening. Can’t wait. X


      1. Jan, I think it was more a point of Georgie being predictable than you! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the change to a happier event


  3. have fun doing your organising. my last wedding was about that size and really good. after the wedding “breakfast” we played pitch and putt in the afternoon! then had a bit of a party in the evening. One old friend of mine from way back met me on the path up to the in-law’s house (party venue) and asked me if I knew the groom – so I said “sort of, I married him this morning” She is now a cousin by marriage as well as a long standing pal!


    1. Carol – that sounds like lots of fun. I’m thinking of spreading it out a little, as we are all getting older, and I know that a couple of the guests will be approaching their ninth decade. Several more will be in their late seventies and eighties, and a little wobbly on their pins. Of course some of us are (ahem) younger… but even so it needs to be thought out. xx


  4. It’s all very exciting. You seem to have a natural talent for organising and planning so it should be great fun, especially as you are doing it for a friend. I look forward to hearing all about it.


    1. Julia – yes, I do like planning things. Not that I’m particularly good, but other folk won’t try, so there you are – if I don’t do it, I don’t think anyone else will volunteer. xx


  5. I think Georgie set the trap and you walked straight in there. Nice one!!! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun organising her wedding, and I will do the world of good to have something fun to do for a change. I’m sure your friend will be able to make a stunning cake for them too. X


    1. Thanks Frances – I’m sure I will be able to twist a few arms along the way. Georgie is well-liked, and although Billy isn’t known to many people here, he really is a nice chap. I will enjoy letting you know how things progress. xx


    1. Hazel, I’m sure it will be fun as long as she doesn’t try to interfere too much. I know it’s Georgie’s day, but she has a habit of changing things without telling anyone. She has promised to leave matters alone, and if she isn’t sure about anything, she will talk it through with me. xx


  6. How fun is this going to be! I can’t wait to see how the arrangements work up and the wonderful ceremony that you plan for them ❤️


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