Here We Go Again…

Well, good day my dear.  I know that I only spoke with you the other day but I thought you’d want to know the latest piece of news.  Yes, OK, I will get on with it, but not before pleasantries have been exchanged.  I know it irritates you slightly, but I’m a creature of habit and feel we should observe the niceties.  There’s nothing wrong in taking a couple of minutes to enquire about the health of friends and family, and to give and receive a few kind words.

Mrs. M is fine – thank you for asking.  She talks rather more than I’m used to; however, it’s lovely to have her company and it would be churlish to mention it.  After all, we both spend much of our time alone, and so enjoy the chance of a little blether.    I don’t think Mrs. M has quite come to terms with the fact that I’m still here each morning, as she always looks a little surprised to see me making a drink or sitting quietly with my Kindle.  Yes, I have managed to read quite a lot, which I thoroughly enjoy and my sock is coming along quite nicely.  On the other hand, please don’t enquire about Mrs. M’s knitting, as it seems to be in a worse condition now than yesterday.  I had managed to unravel it and set her off again in the right direction, but goodness knows how she’s managed to make one side, on circular needles, longer than the other.  She’s done it though, so I’m not certain what to do next.  I think a mammoth session of frogging is just around the corner – probably later this afternoon.

Oh yes sorry, my dear I had completely forgotten what I was going to tell you.  Hold the front page – well no, nothing quite as startling as that, but I do have a little bit of news to impart.  Georgie has been in touch with me again – this time, on the phone and in a bit of a tizzy.  As you know she has been popping into my flat each day to water the plants and to check whether there has been any post.  Well, apart from the usual circulars and catalogues trying to part us from our money, there was another envelope this morning – one that she didn’t like the look of as the address was printed in block capitals.

At that point she rang me to ask what to do so I instructed her to use the paperknife to carefully slit the envelope open and then use the small wooden tongs from the kitchen to lift the paper out.  Yes, I know it seems like quite a bit of faffing around, but you never know, there could be fingerprints on the paper, and if so, we don’t want to smudge them.  That would be an awful shame as they could help the police considerably in their investigations. I would really like to know who is trying to frighten me – and why. 

I’m feeling a little more anxious again.  I’m sure you can understand.    Georgie managed to open the envelope and took the piece of paper out.  There was a note which was similar to the one I received the other day.  I don’t know what the point was in sending a second note.  Perhaps they are trying to keep the pressure on me!   However, Georgie rang Teddy who popped round straightaway to collect it.

Since then I’ve had another call from Georgie to let me know that Teddy was taking the note and envelope back to divisional headquarters.  I’ve also received a call from Teddy who told me that Julie, the policewoman has now seen the note and passed it to her Inspector.  Teddy had already checked it for fingerprints – no there weren’t any unfortunately, although apparently there was something which couldn’t be identified at the edge of the paper.  The interesting thing is that there weren’t any fingerprints on the envelope, apart from those belonging to George.  Teddy took a set of Georgie’s prints for elimination purposes.  Now that definitely suggests that this note didn’t come through the postal system.  There was a stamp on the envelope but it hadn’t been franked.  Teddy says that they think that it was hand-delivered this morning, probably around the time the postman delivers the mail. 

I am feeling rather upset about this latest development. As I’ve only heard about it a short time ago I’m actually quite mystified as to the reasons behind it.  Whether someone thinks that I’ve actually seen something that identifies them I really can’t say.  Is this something to do with the death of Gordon and Peter (and his sister), or does this relate to the death of Patricia or something else entirely?  I really haven’t a clue, which makes it quite distressing.

At the moment, there aren’t any security cameras in operation at the front entrance to Lavinia Court.  There are workmen in the building upgrading the electrics in the common areas, so there are quite a number of strange people wandering around.  There are still the “uninvited guests” residing in Gordon and Peter’s apartments as well, so there are many unknown folk currently in the building at one time or another.

I feel that I’m in the safest place just now, well away from Lavinia Court although Mrs. M and I won’t be able to stay here indefinitely.  However, we can certainly remain for another week, unless something unexpected comes along which necessitates us changing our plans. 

Well my dear this is the up-to-date situation.  It’s not the best news in the world, although “worse things happen at sea”.  I’m not going to let this spoil our little break, which apart from this envelope and its enclosed note has been most enjoyable up to now.  We have decided that we’re quite happy staying in the cabin and taking ourselves down to the water’s edge for short periods.  We are still fine for supplies and don’t need to order anything more just yet.  We are cooking simple meals and thoroughly enjoying them.  We had a lovely roast chicken dinner yesterday and have enough left for a repeat, and we have also made a casserole which will last for two meals.  Neither of us eat very much so a small quantity of food goes a long way. 

Right my dear, I really must go now if I’m to make any sense of Mrs. M’s knitting.  Spare a thought for me while I’m frogging it for the second time and I’m sure it won’t be the last one.  I will speak with you again in a couple of days, unless anything else happens before then – and then, in that case I’ll obviously let you know as soon as possible.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. Oooooh the mystery deepens. Thank goodness the police are on to it. Don’t know what to comment on this one Jan except roll on the next bit of the puzzle. Stay safe – best keep away from everyone at the moment. Are you quite happy with Mrs M’s company? Just me thinking aloud x

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  2. Oh dear! I’m not happy with this development, although I’m glad that police are aware. Is there anybody keeping an eye on you up in your holiday cabin. Like Maggie, I’m not altogether happy about Mrs M. Do you know her background well? I’m just concerned for your welfare in an isolated situation.
    Please do look after yourself and be very careful.

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    1. Thanks for your concern Frances. I’m sure that Mrs. M is innocent of most things – apart from trying to steal my yarn! Having said that, there isn’t anything that would indicate that she is involved with anything criminal. I will bear the thought in mind though, so thank you to both of you for your concern. xx


  3. Frightening and exciting in equal measure! I can’t help thinking that this anonymous letter writer / telephoner is going to slip up soon and accidentally reveal themselves. Hope you manage to sort out Mrs M’s knitting for her – maybe she should try something less complicated 🤣

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    1. Hi Hazel – I do hope that the person who is trying to make my life difficult slips up in some way. I wouldn’t have any idea of how to go about sending anonymous letters etc. Regarding Mrs. M’s knitting – I thought that I would give her something simple to do – a woolly hat! Now I told her just to keep going round and I would help on the decrease rounds. Guess what – I haven’t a clue how many stitches she has on at the moment – we started with 112 and DK yarn. I cast on and did the first couple of rows of rib and then told her to continue till I told her to stop. Then changed to stocking stitch – although being in the round it’s just garter stitch. I think this is where the difficulty lay. I’m sure she started to purl and then tried to go back, but then started knitting in the opposite direction. I’m really looking forward to sorting it out. It will probably be better to frog it all and start again. xx

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  4. Do keep safe Jan, we all worry about you! I hadn’t considered that Mrs. M is not what she seems, it does require some thought. Is your mail dropped through a slot in the door or do you have boxes in the lobby? If through the door maybe your camera could determine when the letter was dropped off if separate from the regular mail. Not sure how that would help but every clue may prove important no matter how small.

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    1. Thanks Karen – unfortunately, although I have spy cameras in the flat, none of them overlook the door to the corridor. Yes, we all have our own letterboxes, so the postman trundles around the building every day, apart from Sunday. There does seem to be some concern about Mrs. M, although I hadn’t considered that she would be involved. Perhaps I need to think about the possibility. xx


  5. Goodness what an exciting and at the same time frightful thing to be going through, please take care, happy knitting, I now crotchet as i can no longer keep hold of the needles, so i would rather drop 1 stitch off the hook than a 100 off the needle lol.


    1. Gina – it’s lovely to hear from you. I also crochet, but only at a basic level. It is great to only think about one stitch at a time. I use circular needles which distribute the weight of the item I’m knitting. I had stopped knitting before I had them as I couldn’t manage the needles properly. xx

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      1. Gina – sorry you’ve not been well. Hope you’re soon better. As long as you are able to do either crochet or knitting that’s great. I seem to alternate between them. xx


      2. Oh I have a range of auto immune illness, and now a dodgy ticker to boot, they thought it was a heart attack on Thursday night, now there not sure, or if iv possibly picked up a virus, so now I need to have a 24hr ECG. So I’m all dandy, in a fashion lol


      3. Gina – I’m so sorry to hear that, but I’m sure that the doctors will soon have you feeling better. I will be thinking of you, and hope that you begin to improve. Look after yourself. xx


  6. The faster the cameras go up the better, maybe the police should be placing one to catch this nasty person. Glad you are enjoying my neck of the woods. I would pop and meet you , but sadly my husband has a snapped Achilles and with juggling all that goes with that and working full time I don’t know how to fit it in. Please take care x


    1. Thank you Lisa – yes I will be much happier once the cameras are in place. I hope your husband’s Achilles will soon be better. It would have been lovely to see you. I understand that other things need to take priority, but perhaps if I visit the area again we could arrange something. xx


    1. Jane – it’s interesting that there have been quite a few comments about Mrs. M recently – nothing specific, but quiet rumblings. I’m not sure what to do about it at the moment. I’ll give it some thought. xx

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