The Plot Thickens Again…

Hello my dear, yes, it’s me again.  I know we’ve only spoken a couple of days ago but I know you like to have all my little bits of news.  I’m really sorry about this, but before I even ask you how you are, I need to ask you a question – how does a plot thicken?  Do you add cornflour and then stir it?  It’s such a silly phrase, but one which is used on a very regular basis.

Right now I’ve got that off my chest, I must tell you – oh no, now I really am forgetting my manners! That will never do.  I know that it’s not considered to be important to many folk, but it is to me.  How are you and the family today?  That’s good and thank you, yes I will really enjoy coming to tea next week.  The children may possibly have forgotten me by then!

Yes, thank you, both of us are coping reasonably well.  Mrs. M is rather shaken; I’m sure that you’ll understand that.  Neither of us is in our first (or second) flush of youth, and incidents like this can affect us for some time – both mentally and physically.  Mrs. M was delighted to be back here last night.  She said that the hospital bed was very noisy and she could hear it crackling.  I think it’s something to do with the plastic sheet which covers the mattress!

Freddie rang me late morning and said that he had been told he could collect Mrs. M at any time after 4pm yesterday.  By the time everything was sorted out for her release it was nearly 5pm when they arrived here.  Freddie said that he wouldn’t stay for a cup of tea, but would pop to see us sometime today, and if we needed anything at all we were to ring him straightaway.

After he had gone and Mrs. M changed into her PJs and dressing gown we settled down with our cups of tea while Mrs. M tried to explain what had happened.  I decided to let her tell me, in her own words, without me interrupting her – that’s quite difficult for me!  You know what I’m like, for putting in my two-pennysworth!

So then – as she went out for her little walk, she switched the torch on and ambled down to the edge of the loch.  Apparently it was completely silent outside as she wandered slowly along the water’s edge.  She could just see the lights at the hotel twinkling in the distance.  She decided to walk a little further before turning round and heading back here.  As she changed direction a figure rushed up to her and knocked her to the ground. Mrs. M gave a little scream and then tried to pick herself up.  However, the person pushed her down again by hitting her on her arm and shoulder.

At that point she thinks that she lost consciousness for a short time.  The next part of the story is a little vague.  Mrs. M thought she heard the man who attacked her speaking to another person who said “are you sure you’re right?”  The first guy said “no, I don’t think so”.  Mrs. M said that she could hear them arguing – and then they said something about a picture, which she didn’t understand. Apparently one of the men then said “I’d better ring him”, but she was unable to hear what else was said.  She decided that it would be best to keep still and not to let them know that she was awake and could hear them.  She then told me that one of the guys made a very short call saying “it’s the wrong one”.  With that, the two men ran away quickly, leaving Mrs. M on the ground.

At that point Mrs. M thinks she lost consciousness again, because the next thing she remembered was Freddie and a couple of members of his staff from the hotel kneeling down and talking to her.  She told Freddie that someone had pushed her down to the ground, but didn’t mention the conversation between the men.  Poor Mrs. M didn’t know what to do for the best so she decided not to tell anyone about the men, apart from me.

I decided that Mrs. M should have an early night and I told her to go to bed after we had our supper.  She has sprained her wrist and also her ankle so she is hobbling around.  She has also got a huge bruise on her hip; which is presumably where she landed on it after her fall.  The hospital staff gave her some painkillers, to make her feel a little more comfortable.  I left her reading a book during the evening.  I popped in to see her on a couple of occasions and she was asleep.  When I went in about 10.30pm she was awake again, so I asked if she would like a warm drink.  She decided that a mug of hot chocolate would be wonderful so I made us each one – complete with mini marshmallows.  We both enjoyed our drinks and then I left her to settle down for the night.

When I got up this morning, Mrs. M was already sitting in the living room, although she was still wearing her PJs.  Apparently she slept reasonably, although it hurt her every time she moved.  I made us some cereal and toast while Mrs. M poured us both a cup of tea.

Well my dear, this is the up to date situation.  Mrs. M is very stiff this morning and struggling to move very far.  I’m sure that she will improve in the next couple of days.  I need to have a further conversation with her, but I still need to treat her gently as she is rather vulnerable at the moment.

I’m expecting Freddie to come round at some point today.  I’m proposing to tell him that we will be staying  here until Monday or Tuesday and then heading back home.  Until that time, we won’t be venturing outside at all.  Freddie, very kindly, offered to go shopping for us.  He said that if we decided what we would like, he’d call back, pick up a list and then go to the local store, which seems to sell everything.  Freddie thought that that would be easier for us than contacting the shop and asking them to deliver it here.

So that is where we are now, my dear.  Thank you very much for your offer to collect us, but I really wouldn’t want to put you to so much trouble.  In actual fact, Bertie, Mrs. M’s brother has already said that he will pick us up and drive us back to Lavinia Court.

Yes, we will be perfectly safe.  The door will be locked and as the weather isn’t due to be very good over the next few days, we won’t leave the cabin at all.  Yes, my dear, I will have another conversation with Mrs. M.  I know that you’re not convinced by her behaviour.  I think it may be because you don’t really know her.  However we will see what transpires in the next couple of weeks.  I’m now going to make us both another pot of tea.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. Mmmm, I’m not to sure what to make of this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad that Mrs M isn’t seriously injured, but I still see that as a warning aimed at you. These men could have hurt Mrs M far more than they did, and I’m sure you would agree that it’s not difficult to distinguish between the two of you, is it.
    Anyway, I hope you will continue to stay safe, but please don’t be in too much of a hurry to get back to Lavinia Court where you could be in far more danger. X


    1. Frances – I agree that I do feel safer here than in Lavinia Court, even with the “incident”. I’m not sure how anyone could know that we are here, but apparently someone does. It may be that these guys weren’t aware that I would be in a wheelchair. If they had just been given a head and shoulders photo then it wouldn’t have been obvious. I do think that Mrs. M was very lucky not to have received more injuries and I will have further conversations with her over the next few days to see if any more details emerge. xx


  2. How dreadful! I’m glad Mrs. M. wasn’t more seriously injured. It does appear you were the intended target and that is quite frightening. I worry that, if it had been you, you may have been kidnapped or even killed. Perhaps you should extend your stay but in the actual hotel where you won’t be as vulnerable! Please do be careful whatever you decide!


    1. Thanks Karen – yes would have been helpful to stay in the hotel but unfortunately, it is an old-style building and doesn’t have every facility I would need. There are steps up and down between levels – just three or four, but I can’t manage them safely. This is why the cabin is brilliant – all on one level. I’m sure we will be safe here for the next few days. xx


  3. Oh, it does sound like they were targeting you and not Mrs M. Hopefully they won’t be daft enough to come back and try again! Stay safe xx


  4. I read this earlier Jan, but really not sure what’s behind it all so have been thinking about it. It would appear that Mrs M’s attack was a case of mistaken identity, but even so, I’m still not happy about her.
    Whatever reason would they have to attack you? Stay safe Jan – you seem very comfortable in your cabin with no need to go outside. Keep those bolts across. X


    1. Hi Maggie – yes, I am rather confused as to why it happened. I keep trying to think back over the past few weeks in case anything springs to mind. I must have seen or heard something but nothing registers at all. xx


  5. Hi Jan, it does seem as if you were the intended victim and the men were working for someone else (but who is it?). I am still a little unsure of Mrs M, terrible she was attacked, but why has she been so distracted lately? Indeed the plot thickens!


    1. Jane – it’s lovely to hear from you. It is rather worrying, but at the moment I’ve come to the conclusion I can’t do anything to change things, so will enjoy the remaining time we are here. Mrs. M still seems rather distracted, but whether that is because she is still sore I don’t know. I just want a couple of days of peace and quiet before we need to return to Lavinia Court. xx


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