My Eyes are Fully Open to My Awful Situation…

Well, hello my dear, thank you for calling me, it’s lovely to hear from you today.  Yes, I know that the heading is rather an exaggeration, but I just felt like using it so I’m afraid you’re going to have to deal with it.  Yes, I realised that you would be wondering how we were, so I had planned on ringing you later.  However, you’ve beaten me to it this time, which is lovely of you.

Before we go any further, I really must know how the family is?  No more accidents with the little one falling over everyone’s feet?  It’s so easy for toddlers to do that.  They don’t seem to look down so they have a tendency to trip over anything which is in their way.  However, they soon bounce back, even after crashing down several times in a short period of time.

Yes, I realise you want to know how things are in this little part of Scotland.  Well, the weather has certainly gone much colder now.  We’re lovely and snug inside the cabin but outside there have been definite flurries of white stuff, which although they haven’t caused us any difficulties, I believe that one or two visitors at the hotel have taken a tumble on the ice.  Fortunately there haven’t been any injuries, and Freddie had put notices everywhere reminding everyone that they needed to hold onto the safety rails whenever possible.

There’s always at least one person who doesn’t heed instructions or advice and consequently one or two folk had more than dented pride!

We’ve been really comfortable here – it’s surprising how much heat these log burners/multi-fuel stoves throw out.  Of course, we’re all on the one level so apart from losing some warmth through the roof and via the chimney, the majority of it stays within the cabin.  We’ve been leaving both the bedroom doors open to allow the air to circulate a little – I’m always wary of actually heating the bedrooms as it makes me cough and splutter.   No, we don’t want to freeze in there, but by leaving the doors open the whole of the cabin has been very toasty indeed.

We’ve been keeping the log burner alight overnight – albeit very low, but we’ve been able to dry a few clothes around it while we’ve not been sitting near it.  Each morning when I’ve come in the living room, the clothes are dry and the embers are still glowing.  It doesn’t take long before the fire is roaring again and as it’s only a relatively small area inside here, a couple of logs added every few hours keep us wonderfully cosy all day.

Freddie has been a real star.  He has been to the local store for some milk and bread etc – however, he’s also brought us a couple of casseroles with vegetables already cooked in them.  They are “one-pot-wonders” which save on the washing up.   He has also told us that they have a carvery at lunchtime tomorrow and he will email me the menu.  I’ll text him back with our choice and he will pop down with them at about 1.30pm.  I also happen to know that the chef is making us a small apple pie, and a dish of rice pudding – so that’s us sorted out for tomorrow.  We have some cold meat which Freddie brought us yesterday, so will be able to have a sandwich if we’re feeling peckish during the evening.

Mrs. M and I have been discussing about when the best time would be for us to travel home.  Even though she had a nasty accident/well, maybe (!) down by the loch, we both feel quite safe here.   Bearing that in mind, together with the fact that Mrs. M won’t be particularly comfortable in the car for a long journey for a few more days, we have decided to extend our visit until the middle of next week.  We had planned on returning either Monday or Tuesday, but the hospital doctor suggested to Mrs. M that she would probably be better staying here for a little longer if that could be arranged.  We’ve had a conversation with Bertie, Mrs. M’s brother, and that is fine with him.  He doesn’t need the cabin himself or any other members of the family until the end of the month. 

I know we are stuck inside here, but Freddie has offered to take me out for an hour if I would like a little trip to the local craft centre, while his wife (Betty) has said she will stay with Mrs. M, so she isn’t left alone.   Mrs. M may be feeling a little better, as she has suggested that she may like to come with us.  Obviously we’ll see how she is at the time.

I know what I wanted to tell you, my dear.  Apparently the police have discovered that there are several poachers in the area at the present time.  There are quite a few estates around, and some gamekeepers have reported that they have discovered some illegal traps.  There have also been shotguns fired overnight and reports of hearing lots of dogs barking. 

I don’t know anything more than that about it – however, it may be that the police are putting Mrs. M’s accident down to her just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I don’t believe that to be the case, but I’m not prepared to argue about it.

There were some little sounds of tapping noises outside the cabin the other day.  I heard them but didn’t investigate.  When Freddie came round, he said that one of his men had put a camera above the front door and another one on the tree near to the loch which also covers the door.  No-one would know that the one in the tree is there, so anybody approaching the cabin can easily be seen.  There is a wi-fi link – don’t ask me how or why – to the hotel.  The angle from the tree is just about right, so if anyone knocks at the door, Freddie will see them and will ring or text us to say who it is – or if he doesn’t know he’ll drive straight here – it’s only just about a minute in the car!    

So my dear, there’s not very much of interest to tell you about today, but I know that you insist on speaking with me regularly.  That’s so kind of you as I know how busy you are.  Oh yes, I knew I had something in the back of my mind I wanted to tell you.  This is slightly strange!

Neither Mrs. M or I have mentioned this to anyone – we decided to keep it between ourselves.  We have both been getting messages on our mobile phones.  The sender obviously doesn’t know where we are, as he commented that he had seen me in the coffee shop with my young friend.  Now he could mean Teddy or Julie as I had lunch with both of them just before we came away but that was more than a fortnight ago.  I wonder if he thinks I go in there regularly.  In that case he would expect me to have been in during the past two weeks.  However, one person certainly knows I’m away. I’m sure you’ll remember the incident of the person who wandered into my flat some days’ ago.  I am beginning to wonder if there is more than one group of criminals involved in these events!

I’m really sorry to have kept you for all this time.  I do witter on – you know that and you really should have stopped me a while ago.  Oh well, you didn’t and so here we are.  I wish you could be here too – no, you can’t possibly drive here, you need to be with your family, and I’ll be home soon enough.  It’s time for Mrs. M and me to have another cup of tea now – actually I can see that she’s having a little doze, so I’ll make it and then wake her up. 

Right I really must go before the day disappears.  Yes, my dear I would love to hear from you again in a couple of days.  Much love to the family.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. Hello Jan, lovely to hear your news update, and I’m glad that Freddie is looking after you both. At least you are having some lovely food to keep your spirits up
    It’s very sensible of you to stay where are for a few extra days, both for Mrs M and your security. Whoever is texting you both may be trying to make you think he doesn’t know where you are, when in reality he does. So please be vigilant, won’t you.
    Looking forward to hearing from you again soon. X


    1. Thanks Frances – I’m sure we’re doing the best thing for both of us by staying here for a little extra time. We are very comfortable, it’s actually cost us very little, and I’m able to enjoy some peace. It’s a little disquieting receiving the text messages – I have only been getting them for the past couple of days – where did they find my number? However, I think that our security is as good as it can be, and we have help close at hand should it be required. xx

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  2. It’s good to hear that you and Mrs M are ok, but I think it very wise to stay in Scotland a little longer and just see if any other incidents occur. It’s really good that Freddie is looking after you and offered to take you out for a short break (both of you if Mrs M is up to it). The possibility of the poachers is quite a plausible one, but Mrs M did say she heard them say ‘it was the wrong one’. Take care Jan, stay snug and warm and don’t let your guard down for one moment.
    I’m finding your blog far more interesting than the book we are reading at the moment. I finish one of these chapters with anticipation as to what the next is going to tell us. Carry on Jan xx


    1. Hi Maggie – thank you for your comments. Yes, Mrs. M overhearing their conversation is slightly worrying – however, she may have misheard them slightly. Only time will tell. I’m so pleased you are enjoying the blog but I’m nowhere near the standard required of a professional author. I only wish I could be – that would be wonderful! xx


  3. Thank you for an amazing read once again, im snuggled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate reading and dreaming of being in a log cabin covered in snow, I saw a little of glimmer of snow the other day, but for most of the winter, i just look out of my bedroom window over to scotland to see the snow on the tops, we get so little snow here due to being on the coast, it tends to melt from the salt air before it lands upon the ground. Take Care of yourself x


    1. Gina – thank you so much for your comments. It’s lovely to know that you’re there. Please tell me a little about yourself and where you live. I confess that I like seeing the snow, but from inside where I’m cosy. I think it’s lovely for children to be able to play out in it while it’s crisp and white,. It very quickly turns to ice and slush and then can linger for days, which causes transport difficulties in the UK. Look after yourself and enjoy your hot chocolate – I’m just about to make one for myself. xx


      1. hello Jan sorry for the late reply i was busy blogging and sort of cooking and sort of watching a film lol, I to am from the Uk, although my cells began to combine in an Island thousands of miles away, my parents and siblings came to the Uk in 1969 and 3 months later I was born, I was born in the South, raised in the North in Manchester and now live in a small fishing port named Maryport in the North West, I moved here after meeting my husband on sky dating, I would like to point out that i did not place the advertisement but my friend did while i was on the loo ha ha, but i can’t be mad at her here we are 13 years later… I know what you been about the slush etc, now that im a wheelchair user i can no longer go and play in the snow, which saddens me a bit, but hey there are people so much more worse off than me. The good thing i like about living here is that when i open my curtains in the morning i have a view over the solway coast to SW Scotland, on a clear day i can also see Ireland and the Isle of Man, if i go to the back bedroom and look out I have views of the mountains, as i child i always said i wanted to live in a house with sea views and rural views, and i don’t know how it happened but i got it lol. xx


      2. Hi Gina – lovely to hear a little about you. I lived in Cumbria for 25 years before moving at the end of 2018. I had views of the Kent Estuary and Arnside Knott from various windows. I loved living close to the water. However, things change and I’ve now moved closer to my son. I also need a wheelchair when outside, but don’t go out very often. Incidentally I was brought up in North Manchester so I’m a Lancashire Lass. xx


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