Snow is Falling…

Well good morning my dear.  Thank you so much for calling me again.  The weather has taken a turn for the worse and there is a considerable amount of snow around now and more is expected.  We are lovely and cosy inside, which is wonderful.   Yes, I’m not too bad and Mrs. M is improving too.  She has abandoned her crutches, although she probably still should be using them as she is limping quite badly.  However, when using her crutches she can’t carry anything, although I have suggested she wears her bag across her body to carry her glasses, kindle and knitting.  She won’t be told though, so now I’m just leaving her to it. 

We have decided to travel back on Friday, as the weather is due to be worse next week and we don’t want to find that we can’t travel for another week or so after then.   Yes, your offer to meet us and Bertie at Carlisle has been gratefully accepted.  I must admit that I’m happy to know that you will be driving us back to Lavinia Court.   That has brightened my spirits considerably.  I think I’m becoming rather paranoid about the actions of everyone, which isn’t great and not like me at all.

Georgie has been keeping in touch with me on a regular basis and I’m pleased to know that since we had the intruder in my flat just after we came away, there haven’t been any further incidents.  Well nothing which has been obvious to Georgie.  Of course, the phone may have rung, but as no-one is answering it, it doesn’t matter.  I do think that when I get home I may just ignore the landline for a few weeks until everything settles down.

Oh yes, my dear, I nearly forgot to mention that Teddy has also been in touch with me and says that there weren’t any fingerprints on the anonymous notes.  We had thought that would be the case, so it wasn’t a surprise to me when she confirmed it to me yesterday.

In other news I understand that the squatters are still in the apartments at Mrs. M’s end of the building.  I’d hoped that they would have moved on while we were away, as Mrs. M won’t be happy about living so close to them.  I wonder whether it would be a good idea for Mrs. M to stay with Bertie for a short time.  She will need to come home to do some laundry and probably pack some other clothes to bring back with her.  I’ll have a little chat and ask her if she thinks it’s a good idea.  Perhaps she could catch the train back to Edinburgh next week.  I know she’ll enjoy doing a little clothes shopping with Bertie’s wife.

Oh yes, I do have some news for you which I probably should have mentioned earlier.   I’m sorry, my dear I did plan to tell you at the beginning of this conversation, but unfortunately, you know what happens – I get side-tracked and then completely forget.   However, I’ve remembered now so I must explain what has happened although it’s a little confusing. 

There are ten cabins here in total and at the moment there are only two cabins which are occupied. The cabin next door to us – which is probably about 100 yards from here has a young family staying there.  I understand that it is the owner’s son, his wife and baby.   Yet again the owners have been friendly with Freddie and his wife for many years.  In fact I believe Freddie and the owner met each other at university over fifty years ago.  Isn’t it wonderful how these friendships can last for so long?  Sorry, I’ve done it again…  Right – back to what I was saying.  So there are only two cabins where folk are currently staying.

Apparently one of the hotel staff was told by a visitor that they had been walking by the loch and saw one cabin with its door open.  They didn’t see any cars around – not that they would but…  anyway they were talking to the receptionist and said they were surprised that one of the log cabins had its door wide open in this very cold wintry weather.  The receptionist told Freddie so he, and a couple of members of staff immediately came down to check.  Apparently it was obvious that the cabin had been ransacked – although everything had been left reasonably straight.   It was clear to see that people had been looking to steal things, but anything they did take must have been easily portable.  They left the television and other large items, but all the wardrobe doors were ajar and drawers hadn’t been closed fully. 

Of course, Freddie didn’t have a clue what was missing, but contacted the owner to explain what had happened.  Freddie then walked around the site and three more cabins had also been entered, but as their doors had been properly closed it wasn’t apparent that there had been unwelcome visitors.  It was only when he tried the door and it opened that he knew that someone had been there.  So there were a total of four cabins which had been burgled over the past couple of days or nights.  All the owners have been contacted and the police have also been around. 

An officer came to see us yesterday and asked whether we had heard anything at all.  Well, no we hadn’t heard or seen anything, but as we are the furthest cabin away from the hotel, it would have been very unlikely for us to be aware of anything going on.  The funny thing is that Freddie had wandered down here several times and hadn’t realised there was a problem, although as he said “unless you specifically looked at the cabins and saw the door open, you wouldn’t think about it.”

Apparently the cabins have been here for about ten years and this is the first time there has been any criminal activity at all.  OK, there have been occasional poachers in the area, but that tends to happen in the countryside in the UK so wouldn’t have been thought of as anything particularly unusual.

Freddie has taken the news of this really hard.  He knows all the owners of the cabins and feels that he has let them down in some way.  I pointed out that he couldn’t be held responsible for all the criminals and crimes in the area.  He is so disappointed though, because he thought he had such a safe place where there wasn’t any crime! 

Just a thought, my dear, but do you think that crimes and criminals follow me around?  I do hope the owners were insured, but I understand there may be some issues as the cabins are left vacant for considerable periods of time, particularly away from the summer holiday season.  However, this may sound callous – it isn’t, but I can’t take anything else on – it isn’t my problem.  I am sorry the owners had their property broken into, but from what I gather, no-one was staying at the cabins, and therefore no-one was injured.

Whether insurance claims can be made is a question for the owners and insurers, and not me.  Right my dear, I’ve wittered on again.  You really need to stop me when I ramble on like this.  I’m going to make Mrs. M a cup of tea and then we need to decide what we’re going to eat later. 

It will be lovely to see you on Friday.  I won’t say too much in front of Mrs. M, but we will be able to have a chat once we arrive home.  Look after your family and please give the children a hug from me.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. Oh dear, call me suspicious, but I feel that the break-ins are a red herring. I feel that they’re a warning to you that they can get to you whenever they want. I think they’re trying to intimidate you, so please be careful. I’m glad that Mrs M is improving, will she be ok to travel on Friday? I do hope so, if the weather forecast is right, the last thing you want is to be stranded up there.
    Safe journey on Friday, I’m sure that while it has been lovely to have a break for real life, it will be nice to get home again.
    Take care of yourself. X


    1. Thanks Frances – I’m sure that Mrs. M will be fine to travel. She is trying to make herself sound rather more pathetic than necessary now. I appreciate it was a nasty shock to the system and we’re not getting any younger, but she manages to walk around perfectly well when she forgets her injuries. I’ve tried to have a conversation with her but I’m rather tired of going round in circles so I’ve decided to “put it to bed” till I’m on home ground. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed the break – I love Scotland, but it will be nice to be home again. xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Jane – although I understand what you are saying, I actually quite like my flat. It’s in a convenient location and I have many friends who live there. I may think of moving, but certainly not during the winter. If I do decide to make a move I want a ground floor flat with patio/French windows so I have outside access – maybe a tiny area for a few pots! That would be lovely. However, the thought of moving just doesn’t appeal at the moment. The situation may change in the next few months – you never know. I do think that Mrs. M will come back to Edinburgh for some time while the squatters are in the building, so that would put some distance between us. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stay safe in the snow ❄️ No “snow angels” or sledging I hope! I’m guessing the burglars won’t come back as they must realise their activities have been discovered by now. I’m wondering what else can possibly go wrong though!


  3. Lovely to hear your going home, but what a shame I’m at w/ton hospital this Thursday and Friday (nice to be closer to home for a change) or it would of been great to pop on the train to Carlisle to say hello, and meet the author of this wonderful blog, as you know I’m not far from Carlisle, but maybe 1 day our paths will cross, have a safe trip home on Friday and wrap up well x


    1. Gina – that’s such a shame – we will just have to be penpals instead. Gosh that makes me sound so old. Thank you for your very kind words about the blog. I’m so pleased that you are enjoying it. I hope that your trip to hospital isn’t too traumatic. Please let me know that everything is well after your appointments. xx


      1. I’m old to then lol, i still like the penpal idea, my grandkids didn’t have a clue what I was on about when I told them I had penpals lol, I’m just off for another 24hr ECG, this ticker is not very happy again at the moment, i had to cancel my appointment at liverpool hospital as I’m not well enough to travel all that way at the minute, so I get a break till new year, and just get treated up here till then, so gp at 9.30am, hospital at 3.30pm, then back to hospital at 2pm Friday, then il sleep for the weekend lol, have a good trip home xx


      2. Gina – yes I’ve been hooked up to the ECG machine for three days in the past and then at home for 24 hours on several occasions. Not recently though, although I do take different heart tablets. A pacemaker had been discussed in the past but I wasn’t over enthusiastic and the GP wasn’t too keen on me having a general anaesthetic. I was in the Westmorland General hospital while they were trying to slow my heart rate down. If you would like to chat at all I’ll be very happy to give you my email. Good luck with your hospital visit. xx


  4. Ok Jan trying to send this for the third time if I can remember what I said!!! Very odd about the four cabins being broken into. If the doors weren’t broken down somebody must have a key or a master key. Who do you trust? As others have said I would be inclined to keep your distance from Mrs M for a little while which, if she agrees to go to Edinburgh, will be easy. Jan, I finish reading your blog and really keen for the next one to come through – I wish I could say that about some of the books I read. xx


    1. Thanks so much for persevering Maggie. This one is certainly here. Not sure why there is the occasional glitch – but, I suppose, it’s computers and internet! I’m not at all knowledgeable about such things. Yes, Mrs. M does want to go to Edinburgh which will give me a little break. xx


  5. Jan – I think it’s a case of technology is a wonderful thing when it’s not having hiccups!!! I’m pleased to hear that Mrs M is going to Edinburgh. That will give you time to settle back into your flat and try and make sense of what is going on. xx


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