Hit the Road, Jan…

My dear, I’m so sorry to ring you today.  I know you weren’t expecting to hear from me at all until I confirmed that we were on our way to Carlisle with you driving up from the other direction to meet us.  However I really needed to speak with you – I’m really sorry to bother you but I really don’t know what else to do.  It will be so good to see you again, and once I’m home again I’ll be able to introduce you and your wonderful little family, to my lovely friends.

Yes, OK I know I need to calm down, my dear but I’m so upset and I really don’t know where to start.  Right, I’ll take a deep breath and try to explain what has happened.   Here goes – you’ll have to stop me if this isn’t making sense.  I haven’t really had time to think through what I’m saying to you, so please excuse me if I trip over myself.

Right I need to go back to last evening.  Mrs. M and I had been knitting in the afternoon.  Well, yes I was knitting while Mrs. M was starting to get into a tangle again.  I chuckled to myself as I was watching her.  The main problem is that she loses count, so never has the same number of stitches from one round to the next.  I put her a stitch counter on for her to move along each round – fortunately I gave her one with a lobster claw clasp otherwise it would be permanently attached to her knitting as she has started to knit over it!  No, I didn’t ring you just to tell you about Mrs. M’s knitting, but it just crossed my mind.

Back to yesterday.  Mrs. M and I were watching “Tipping Point” as Mrs. M rather likes Ben Shepherd.  She’s not too good at answering the questions, although that doesn’t really matter.  Sorry, I promise I’ll try to explain what happened without deviating again. 

If you remember I said that the weather had deteriorated and that we had decided to go home on Friday before the snow became worse.  We arranged for Bertie to come here to collect Mrs. M and me at about 11am on Friday and then he would drive Mrs. M and me to Carlisle where we would all have a light lunch whilst awaiting for your arrival to ferry us back home.

At that point everything seemed to be moving along nicely, although I should have known that things don’t often play out according to the script which is in my head.  A few minutes later, when we were just discussing what we would like for supper, Mrs. M received a text.  Now neither of us rush to look at texts as they are usually just from one company or another offering great deals on a loan, or 20% discount on this shopping channel for today ONLY, so we must rush to spend our hard-earned cash now.

However, this time Mrs. M picked up her phone and read the message straightaway.  I knew immediately that something was wrong because she went a sort of pasty grey colour and dropped the phone to the floor, which wasn’t helpful as the glass cracked.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view) it was still possible to read the message. 

It said that this was their final warning and that if Mrs. M didn’t co-operate with them immediately (no I don’t know who they were or what Mrs. M was supposed to do) then the cabin would be torched while we were still inside.  Mrs. M just sat there and shook, which I could understand, but it wasn’t going to help us or the situation at all.

I immediately rang the hotel and asked Freddie to come down with a couple of staff members and a car as we needed to leave the cabin now.  Poor Freddie was a little confused as I was gabbling at him, and of course, it’s not the sort of telephone conversation you expect to be having in the late afternoon.

I left Mrs. M sitting there and started to throw all our belongings into the two suitcases we had brought with us.  I didn’t sort out what belonged to each of us, I just wanted to get everything possible ready in as short a time as possible.

A couple of minutes later there was loud banging at the door and Freddie was shouting for me to let him in.  Of course I opened the door and he and two other men came in.  We showed him the text and he agreed that we needed to move out straightaway.  One of Freddie’s colleagues helped Mrs. M into a jacket and manhandled her as quickly as he could to his car which had been brought as close as possible to the cabin.  While I rushed round collecting everything I could, Freddie went round the side of the cabin and disconnected the gas cylinders which are used for cooking.  I had gathered the vast majority of our possessions together by now and Freddie and one of his men managed to get me into my wheelchair and out to Freddie’s car.  Freddie locked the cabin up after making sure that everything possible has been switched off.  The log burning stove was still throwing out lots of heat, but Freddie made sure that all the extra logs were taken outside.

There were a total of three cars here and Freddie took us straight back to the hotel, although I wasn’t too sure that it was the best or safest place to go as it would be an obvious destination for anyone looking for us.  However, just then I needed to catch my breath for a few minutes and think about things quietly.

A few minutes after arriving at the hotel a couple of police officers arrived.  Freddie had rung them from his car and briefly explained what the situation was.  The officers were really nice and I showed them the text.  Mrs. M was, by now sipping a rather large brandy – just for medicinal purposes, you understand!  I decided I would prefer a cup of tea – although I did have a spoonful of sugar in it, which is very unusual.

The officers spoke on their walkie-talkie radios and arranged for a couple of colleagues to come down to the hotel, where they would then be directed to the cabin.  Unfortunately they were going to need to stay there for some time just in case anybody came creeping round.

Freddie and I had a conversation with the police officers and I suggested that it would be probably safer for us to stay a little further away as the first place that anyone would look for us would be at Freddie’s hotel.  Fortunately the officers agreed with my thinking, and one of them spoke to his cousin, who is the housekeeper at a hotel about five miles away.   After confirming that they had vacancies Freddie drove us both there – which is where we are now residing till tomorrow.

I must admit my dear that I’m rather upset about these latest developments and can’t understand why things have suddenly escalated so quickly.  As far as I was concerned, the things that happened at Lavinia Court have no bearing on our holiday here in Scotland.  Why are these people behaving in this manner?  What do they hope to gain?  Is it me they are searching for, or has Mrs. M upset some nasty characters?  So many questions – and, I’m afraid no answers at all.

So that my dear is the current situation.  This has rather unnerved me, as it seems that things have suddenly become very personal.  Mrs. M obviously knows something, but she wouldn’t say anything to the local police officers, who didn’t want to upset her because she looks quite frail just now.

I’m now really looking forward to coming home now.  I assume that you are still OK to collect us – oh yes, that’s good.  I’m so sorry I haven’t even asked about the family, but perhaps you’ll tell me tomorrow.  Yes, I will ring Teddy and update her too.  I’ll see you in Carlisle at lunchtime.  Please take care on the roads.   As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. Oh dear Jan. Maybe they’re putting pressure on Mrs M because she’s told them that you’re going home on Friday. The problem is, are you going to be safe at Lavinia Court? I really think it’s time for Mrs M to tell you and the police what’s going on, it must be a terrible strain on her.
    Oh I’m so worried for for your safety. Please take care. X


    1. Thanks Frances – you always ask helpful questions. I think that I will be safe back home because of the number of folk around me. I really don’t know why Mrs. M is making matters worse by not talking to me. I have always tried to be supportive. xx

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  2. OMG Jan this is getting quite nasty now. What a terrible thing to threaten anyone with. I think you were very wise not to stay at Freddie’s hotel – as a matter of interest what do you know about Freddie? I’m sure you may have said previously – what’s his background? I need to have a read back to reacquaint myself with everyone. Anyway safe journey home tomorrow back to your own home. You should have no problems in your flat with the extra bolts on the door and the cameras. xxx


    1. Hi Maggie – I’m pleased that the problem you had with commenting seems to have been solved now. I don’t know much about Freddie. However, he has been a long-time friend of Bertie (who is Mrs. M’s brother) and both of them appear to be very down to earth and pleasant men. Freddie has been horrified to hear about the goings-on with the break-ins at the other cabins on his site. This is the first time they’ve ever had a problem. Bertie is another guy who I don’t know very well, but both he and his wife are a really friendly and open couple. I’m sure that none of them are involved in anything shady. I’m now ready to go home. I’ve had a lovely break – apart from the past few days, and would thoroughly recommend staying in a log cabin. The location has been fabulous. However, I’m ready to have conversations with folk other than Mrs. M who has been a little trying! xx


  3. I really think Mrs M must have some information that these folk want
    What that would be is anyone’s guess but hopefully we will find out soon !!!!!!!


  4. Oh oh, I just knew something was going to happen! Please be safe and hopefully Mrs M will spill the beans on who these people are and maybe what they want! Can’t wait till you find out and let us know!!!!


    1. Hi Erika, it’s good to hear from you again – I’m actually quite worried about Mrs. M and what she has got herself involved with. Having said that, she’s an elderly woman and certainly gives the impression that she wouldn’t harm a fly!! xx


  5. Maybe Bertie will be able to get Mrs. M. to tell what she has gotten herself into. If she doesn’t say anything to him, could you tell him of the events of the last few days and see if he gets any answers from her? I do hope that these events are related to Mrs. M. only and not connected to Lavinia Court. It would be dreadful to think she is knowingly putting you in danger. It will be good to have you back closer to people you are sure you can trust!


    1. Karen – that’s a really good point. Although I can’t say anything to Bertie today while we are travelling, I have his phone number and can ring him while Mrs. M is staying with him next week. xx


    1. Jane – I agree with you. However, I’ve made the decision not to press her about anything until I am safely in my flat. I need to mull things over, and then invite her in for a cup of tea and ask her to come clean. I’m sure that we can then speak to the police and ask them to take over. I’m sure that Mrs. M isn’t gaining anything from whatever she’s embroiled in, so there may be a way to resolve it. At the moment I don’t know and I’m just speculating – possibly erroneously, but we shall see. xx

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      1. Jane – I’ve always been a supporter of Mrs. M and still can’t believe she would do anything to harm me. I may be wrong, but – we shall see, in time. Things have a habit of coming out eventually. xx

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  6. I think it is important to find out what Mrs M knows. When you get back invite Mrs M, Teddy and Julie round for a cuppa. If you start talking about Scotland Teddy and Julie will be able to use their training to put Mrs M at ease and get her to talk about what’s troubling her and be at pains to point out that she won’t get into any trouble.


    1. Hi Julia – that’s a good idea, although I’m concerned that Mrs. M may feel that she is rather outnumbered and being squeezed into a corner. I will just have to try and be tactful!! xx


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