Where, Oh Where Can Mrs. M Be?

Right my dear I need to start off by saying that Mrs. M isn’t here.  I didn’t choose the title just to grab the headlines – it isn’t “fake news”.  Mrs. M is missing from her apartment and I really don’t know where she is – I don’t exactly know when she ‘went’, but I suspect it was early yesterday afternoon.

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If you remember I had arranged for Mrs. M and Teddy to come for afternoon tea (well, a pot of tea and a slice of cake).  I didn’t have the time or inclination to make tiny sandwiches.  I’ve already told you about my perambulations yesterday morning from the library to the coffee shop, where I bumped into Giselle, and then I came back here, in time for a little snack.  Pardon! – oh right, you want to know what I had for my lunch.  Well I kept it simple as I knew I was a little later than I expected, so I just had poached egg on toast.  Yes it was lovely, before you ask!

I had arranged for Teddy to arrive a little earlier than Mrs. M so we could catch-up on what was happening.  Sure enough, Teddy arrived.  No she didn’t bring Harry although I would have loved to see him again, but we had decided that he may prove to be something of a distraction, seeing that we wanted to find out Mrs. M’s involvement with these crimes. Why did she receive so many texts?  Why did someone knock her down and was it supposed to be me?  I also wanted to know about the phone conversation which I overheard on a visit to the bathroom when she seemed upset “because nobody was supposed to get hurt”.

Yes Teddy arrived and we had a cup of tea and some little tarts I collected when I was at the coffee shop.  I knew that G had baked them, and although she will be bringing some cakes and buns here in a couple of days I actually needed some sweet treats now as I really do enjoy them with my afternoon cup of tea.

Photo by Luizmedeirosph on Pexels.com

Mrs. M had said she would be round at 3pm and she’s normally punctual which pleases me.  I can’t abide folk being tardy, particularly when they have an appointment.  I do feel that it’s bad manners to arrive “fashionably late”.  There’s no such thing – you are early, punctual or late!

At around 3.15pm I rang Mrs. M just to make sure she hadn’t dozed off – yes, we can all do that, especially after lunch or dinner.  However, her mobile appeared to be switched off, which was extremely unusual as I don’t think she ever uses that option.  Her phone is switched on at all times as is mine – it’s really useful to be able to ring someone if you ever take a tumble.

Teddy decided to pop round to Mrs. M’s just in case she had hurt herself.  I gave her my spare key so that she would be able to let herself in after shouting through the letterbox.  A few minutes later my mobile rang and it was Teddy who asked if I could go down there as she wanted to show me something. 

A couple of minutes later I arrived at Mrs. M’s apartment.  Teddy had left the door ajar for me so I called out to her and she came to meet me.  Teddy asked me to look round the apartment.  Mrs. M’s clothes were strewn all over the bedroom floor and it looked as though her suitcase had just been emptied everywhere.

Now Mrs. M isn’t the neatest of people but I could tell that this wasn’t just her usual untidiness.  I went into the bathroom and her shampoo and shower gel had been emptied into the washbasin.  There was a gooey mess of colours in the washbasin and also poured down the toilet pan.  Wonderful, that’s going to take ages to clear up.

However, that wasn’t the problem.  Mrs. M wasn’t there.  Now I know what you’re going to say – she could have forgotten that she was coming to see me.  I do appreciate that, but there was no way in which Mrs. M would leave her apartment in such a state.   She may be untidy, but this was beyond that description.

I’m really sorry but this has definitely upset me.  I know that Mrs. M is involved in something and I am connected to it.  Teddy looked round in case she could see Mrs. M’s phone but it wasn’t there and it was still switched off.

We decided to lock Mrs. M’s doors and we went back to my flat.  Teddy said that she was going back to regional police headquarters and would have a chat with one of the guys in CID and then she’ll ring me later.

I really don’t know what has happened to Mrs. M.  Yes, there is the possibility that she had gone out, or away for a few days, but I don’t believe that as her suitcase was still there in her bedroom.  I’m going to leave you now, but I thought you’d like to know the current situation.  As soon as I hear anything at all I will let you know.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx    

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. So the mystery of Mrs M deepens. That sounds very suspicious her clothes all over the place – could she have been disturbed whilst unpacking. Maybe she’s been kidnapped – sorry Jan my imagination working overtime. Look forward to finding out. X


    1. Maggie, I must say that I’m rather worried. I know she is planning on going back to Scotland,. I didn’t want to worry Bertie, but needed to know whether she had gone there without letting me know, so I rang him to thank him again for lending us the cabin. He said that he is looking forward to Mrs. M going to see them early next week. I didn’t say anything specific but he obviously doesn’t think anything is wrong. xx


  2. When I read the title I wrongly assumed she had gone somewhere to avoid your meeting and questions. How dreadful to have another disappearance, possible kidnapping to sort out! I hope you get answers quickly. I will be concerned until then wondering if this is because she has failed to carry out whatever plan/ crime she may be involved in at Lavinia Court


    1. Karen – I’m definitely concerned as Mrs. M isn’t getting any younger – well, none of us are – but, she doesn’t appear to have taken much, if anything, with her. I hope that she is OK. She’s obviously mixed-up with something, although I don’t know how or why. I hope that Teddy will be able to update me tomorrow. xx


  3. Oooh, I wonder if there will be a ransom note, demanding something in exchange for her safe return? Please look after yourself in case they come for you next!!


    1. Thanks, Hazel – you are a real comfort! This was completely unexpected and although I knew she was avoiding talking about her involvement in “whatever it is” I hoped that she had worked it out in her head and was ready to chat with me so I could try and help her. xx


  4. Oh dear, this is a worrying turn of events, isn’t it, although I that m
    Mrs M has been acting suspiciously, I wouldn’t want any harm to come to her. It sounds as though maybe somebody was searching for something that had been hidden, hence the emptied toiletries bottles, and clothes strewn everywhere.
    I do hope that there’s an innocent reason for all the, but I very much doubt it.


    1. Frances – she has been acting slightly out of character since the loss for her ornaments and jewellery some weeks ago. I wonder whether that theft has some bearing on with this latest situation. I’m not sure how it could be, but… xx


  5. Lavinia court seems a dangerous place to be. Now Mrs M is missing. Has Bertie heard from her. You must be so worried about her and your safety. Please let us know that the police are protecting you x


    1. Lisa – I was so happy to be back here. I did ring Bertie, but didn’t want him to be unduly concerned just yet so just thanked him again for letting us have the use of the cabin. At least I know that she’s not at his home. Perhaps I’ve done the wrong thing by not telling him what has happened, but we don’t actually know anything at the moment. I hope things will be more clear after I speak with Teddy tomorrow.


  6. Jane, it is terrible Mrs M has disappeared, but it does look suspicious and confirms what we were all thinking, that she must be involved in something sinister. I hope you are feeling safe x


    1. Jane – it is strange, but if she had planned on going away then surely she would have taken some clothes and her suitcase. The other thing is that I would have expected Mrs. M to contact her brother and tell him where she was staying and how long she planned on staying there! Oh well, I hope to find out very soon. xx


    1. Jane – Teddy made a quick call to CID at the local police station and Mrs. M wasn’t there. It had crossed my mind that she may have decided to have a chat with them, but apparently not! Teddy went back to the station to check that she hadn’t been in earlier, and that none of the officers had been to her apartment. I am rather worried about this development, but hope to get some news soon. xx

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