Food, Glorious Food…

Good morning my dear – thank you very much for looking after me so well yesterday.  Yes, I had a wonderful time.  Please thank Chrissie for the fantastic lunch she cooked.  It was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was great to see how well behaved the girls were as I know they were excited to see me.   

I was so surprised to discover that your lovely new home is much larger than I had imagined it to be.  It’s interesting how you get an idea which is in your head – and it’s only when you actually see the thing in question that you start to query your thoughts.

Your home is gorgeous.  I love that the kitchen is large enough to have a table in there as well as a sofa in the corner so you can live in there during the day if it suits you.  It makes it much more of a family space – and so practical.

However, my dear, as lovely as your home is, I didn’t actually ring you to discuss it with you today.  There are a couple of things I wanted your thoughts on, if you don’t mind.  The first relates to the building work going on around the corner.  You know how noisy I’ve found it since I arrived back from Scotland.  I am hoping that you may be able to find out how much longer the building is likely to be at this really noisy stage! I know that we can’t do much about it, but it would be great if we could have a rough idea of when the work is likely to be completed.  Have you, by any chance managed to find anything out for me?  I know it’s difficult to ask questions without appearing very “nosey”, but as you are aware my interest goes rather more deeply than that.

I don’t want to appear too inquisitive, which is why I’ve asked you to make some enquiries on my behalf.  I had a little look at the local weekly newspaper on Thursday, but it wasn’t mentioned at all.  That did surprise me, as it’s quite a large project and I would have thought that people would be interested.  There will be quite a few jobs generated around the site itself and once it has opened there will be some part-time jobs too in several of the buildings.  I don’t think it will affect the business at The Roasted Bean and they should complement each other rather well.  I do believe that there will be a café/bistro, but that will be set back within the site with its own entrance for deliveries.

I was having a conversation with Mrs. M the other day and she asked me if I knew anything further about the site.  I told her that I still felt rather in the dark, but not to worry as I’m sure there will be flyers and notices everywhere when they are ready to show people around. 

Alex, I would be so grateful for any information you could garner for me.  I’m not worried about it – I just need to know how things are going, and whether it will work for me.  I know I’m sounding a little secretive, but I don’t want there to be any hiccups along the way.  You know how I seem to have been embroiled in other situations, when they weren’t any of my making!

Oh, I know I meant to tell you that the guy from the Security Services is coming to see me later this week.  Apparently, he still thinks I’ll be able to assist him in one way or another.  I’m not promising anything as yet.  I’ve had enough excitement for quite some time, and feel I need some peace and quiet now.  However, he still seems anxious to come here, so I’ll go along with it for now.

As you know I’ve got several “dos” and events on this week.  I’m quite looking forward to them, but don’t want to overtire myself, which is all too easy to do.  Giselle is popping in tomorrow morning, just to confirm the details of the food she is preparing for Friday evening.  I know that there won’t be any problems there as we’ve already had several conversations.  However, |’m always pleased to see G, and you never know, I may hear some new gossip!  I know that G has been asked by the owners of The Roasted Bean if she can provide even more baked goodies for them.  I think she has enough on at the moment.   I do hope she won’t want to get involved with the new bistro which will be opening in the next few months.  I know she’s finding it difficult to get a proper balance as she is still giving foot and leg massages to several of the residents here.  She has always enjoyed doing that, and it gives her plenty of opportunity to find out what is going on in and around the village.

While I’m thinking about it, it’s the Knit and Natter group’s Christmas lunch at the little café in the library later today.  I’m looking forward to it, as although I did manage to pop in to the meeting last Monday, I haven’t had a lot of time to have a proper chat with the group members for some weeks.  I think there will be about sixteen of us at the lunch today – I think that’s very good as we only started the group in September.  I do think that we may need to split the group into two in the next few weeks.  It’s difficult with that number of folk to actually have a decent conversation.  The other thing is that we’re taking over about half of the café too, which isn’t terribly fair on the staff.

Anyway, that’s something to think about after the Christmas break.  There are a couple of weeks where the group isn’t meeting after our Christmas lunch, so during that time I’ll have a chat with the café staff and see what would suit them.

I’m really sorry Alex, to have rambled on for so long.  As I said, there were a couple of things I wanted to discuss with you.  Perhaps when you have some more information for me we’ll be able to take it a little further and then I’m sure you will want me to look at some documents – or at the very least, listen whilst you read them to me.

I’m going to make a cup of coffee and decide what I’m going to wear for this Christmas lunch.  I’ll speak with you again soon.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. Good morning to you, lovely to hear from you today. I’d forgotten about the development round the corner from you, and I’m sorry that it’s becoming too noisy. Hopefully, that part of the building will be finished soon. I expect they’ll be trying to get the shell finished before the really bad weather starts.
    I doubt that another coffee shop will have any long term effect on the Coffee Bean. People will probably go and have a look, but I’m sure they’ll go back to their familiar haunt. Where I live, there are several coffee shops quite close together, but they all seem to be really well supported.
    It sounds as though Giselle is going to be busy enough without providing goodies for the new shop. She won’t want to upset the customers she already has.
    Good luck with the man from the security services, I expect it will be just a little chat to put your mind at ease after all the goings on. I do hope so.
    Just a note of caution, and I don’t want to upset you, but please take care not to tire yourself out. You seem to have a lot of things going on at the moment so don’t forget to take time out to rest a little. X


    1. Thank you Frances – yes there do seem to be lots of things on the horizon; however, I suppose it’s that time of the year! After the party here on Friday then I plan to have a quiet time until after New Year. Of course, I’m sure I’ll have the odd visitor for coffee and we may venture across the road to The Roasted Bean once or twice. I’m sure we’ll speak again soon. xx

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  2. Oooh, I wonder what your “security services” man thinks you can do for him! Please don’t get involved in anything dangerous 🤣 Remind me, Jan (because my memory is not what it used to be) – how do you know Alex and what does he (she?) do for a living?


    1. Hazel – Alex is my wonderful Godson and has recently moved back north with his gorgeous wife Chrissie and their two little girls. He was asked by his company to open an office here – he works in IT – don’t ask me for details as I really don’t understand!! xx

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  3. You may have received this twice Jan. If so, apologies I got interrupted and when I came back it had gone!! Pleased to hear you enjoyed your lunch yesterday. I had forgotten about the building going on near you. Hopefully, Alex will be able to fill you in with information. Why do you think the security man wants to come and see you again? Don’t agree to do anything that you are not 100% happy with. I know you have a busy week, but don’t overdo it, even though you can relax over Christmas.


    1. Maggie – I think that if you leave a comment part-way through you get “timed out” or something. So you then start again – sorry. I really don’t know why the guy from Thames House wants to see me but there again, I don’t ever seem to know anything. After the next few days I hope it will be lovely and peaceful. xx


    1. Jane – yes, a bistro is a lovely idea, informal dining in a relaxed environment. I believe it will also be a cafe serving snacks etc during the day, so that may be a good alternative to the Roasted Bean for when we fancy a light lunch. xx

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