Not Quite the Bare Necessities…

No, that’s not the greatest and most uplifting title I’ve come up with, but at the moment it’s the best I can think of, so you’re stuck with it.  Sorry my dear, and it’s probably not the most charming greeting I’ve given you, my Godson recently, but I’m sure you know me well enough to take my comments at face value.

Shall I try again, with a slightly less sarcastic tone in my voice than previously?  “Good morning, Alex and how are you, your wonderful wife and gorgeous daughters?  No, I haven’t got a plum in my mouth – it’s my normal way of speaking!  I don’t know why one or two folk have suggested that my usually sunny disposition has faltered slightly.”  Perhaps I’ve had rather a lot going on, and my brain has been stretched a little more than usual!

Anyway my dear, shall we move on, otherwise at the end of this conversation we won’t have actually said anything.  No, I know, I appreciate that I’m quite good at talking – or wittering, as you call it – without ever saying very much.  I really don’t like to overwhelm folk by bombarding them with loads of information at one time, particularly when much of it is quite unnecessary so I intersperse information with general chit-chat.

I actually wanted to ask you whether you have established when the builders will be finished at the site around the corner.  I agree that it isn’t essential to know within a few days, it’s just that there has been quite a lot of noise each day and which, at the current time, seems to be louder than ever.  I know you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, but do you know when they will be starting on the internal fit-out?

Oh yes, something which I know I haven’t mentioned recently is Georgie’s idea that she would like a marquee for the wedding reception.  Now to my mind, the end of March isn’t the ideal time for a gathering of pensioners to be shivering in an oversized tent, even a heated one, in the evening!  You may remember that we decided that the wedding itself will be held on Friday 27th March 2020 with the reception taking place on Saturday 28th March. 

The wedding itself will be a very small, quiet affair which is what both the bride and groom had requested.  I had originally been advised that there would likely be around thirty guests invited for the Saturday evening reception.  Yes, well – I should have known better!  That number has increased exponentially and now we have the likelihood of about eighty invitees. 

In order to accommodate that number of guests we have increased the time frame for the reception.  Although we expect there to be around forty people who aren’t in the first flush of youth, there will be a similar number of relatives/close friends in the thirty plus age bracket.  There will also be a small number of children, which is something we just hadn’t considered!  Yes, we probably should have thought about it, but the younger contingent is all on Billy’s side, and we didn’t really know about them.

However, this situation has now appeared, and so we have had to arrange things accordingly.  This is the reason why Georgie now thinks that a marquee would be suitable.  I think she likes the idea of it, rather than understanding the logistics.  It causes difficulties with heating food, unless we arrange for a catering kitchen – which is another large expense.  Of course, the weather is likely to be particularly unreliable at that time of the year, and there could be snow, rain, very cold weather, or even an early heatwave.

Although originally I had thought that having the reception here would be a good idea, as time has elapsed, and with the various problems in the building, I decided that we needed to find another location.  I suggested this to Georgie and she and Billy agreed with my thoughts and said they’d leave it to me to find an appropriate venue.

I have now decided to utilise our lovely new village hall.  There is a local motel where guests who want to stay overnight can be accommodated and it’s less than a five minute walk away.  The village hall is surrounded by lovely gardens and a playing field.   Yes there is room for a marquee, but it really isn’t a good idea and I will make sure to dissuade them – well, Georgie – from that idea.   The village hall has a wonderful catering kitchen – it’s not huge, but very well equipped and I’ve manage to book the whole premises from the Friday evening, which is when I will arrive back from the wedding itself, through to the Sunday afternoon.  Georgie and Billy will return late on Saturday morning, so everything can be set up in readiness for the “wedding of the year”.

The building itself is ideal, there is one room which we can set up for children, with some suitable entertainment and they can eat in there too.  There’s even a small room next to it where youngsters can have a nap.  The main room for the reception will be perfect, as it can be divided into several smaller spaces.  One even has a bar and I have arranged for staff.  There is another area where tables will be set up with a huge buffet with both hot and cold food.  Giselle and Jane will be managing the food between themselves and G has managed to find a few staff for clearing plates and filling the dishwasher etc.

You’re probably wondering why I hadn’t mentioned the village hall before as it’s so perfect for this occasion.  Well, my dear, as you know we had the old community centre which doubled up as the civic centre depending on what event was happening.  However that was a drab old building close to the library and it needed a major facelift.  In the meantime, as the population of the village has grown, plans were submitted for a new village hall, the building of which was only completed a few weeks ago.  This means that it hasn’t been fully booked up yet – although I’m sure it will be in the future when everyone realises what a wonderful asset it is sure to become.

So I really do feel that everything is fairly well under control.  Of course there are bound to be bits and pieces that need to be dealt with during the next few weeks.  The next thing which I need to do is send out the invitations because if I leave them to Georgie, she’ll delay writing them for a couple of weeks and I think they need to be sent out by the end of next week, Saturday 18th January and I’ll ask for responses by Saturday, 8th February, knowing that it will probably be another week after that before we’ve had the majority of replies.  That will then leave six weeks before the wedding to finalise things and smooth out any possible glitches.

So that’s the current situation.  I’m hoping to see Teddy and you tomorrow so that we can discuss a couple of things.  Is that still convenient for you – oh good, I’m so pleased about that and I’ll contact Teddy this afternoon to confirm with her.

I’m going to get on with some bits and pieces today while I have the chance.  Please give my love to the family and I’ll see you tomorrow.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx 

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. How lovely to hear from you today.
    My word, the wedding of the year has really grown, hasn’t it. Thank goodness you were able to book the village hall, I agree, a marquee wouldn’t be suitable at that time of the year, would it.
    Have you shopped for your outfits yet? The shops are just starting to get their spring clothes in, the colours are very pretty.
    I’ll look forward to seeing you and Teddy tomorrow, until then, look after yourself. X


    1. Frances – good to hear from you. Yes, the wedding has grown rather more than expected. I do think that most things have been sorted, although I haven’t had time to go shopping yet. I’m hoping to have a quietish weekend, although as Mrs. M is returning soon, whether that will happen, I’m not sure. xx


  2. Love to hear how you are getting with the wedding plans. The new village hall sounds very nice and, in my opinion, far more suitable than a marquee. Marquees are expensive and to be honest not all that comfortable also you probably have the added cost of hiring some catering equipment and toilets. The village hall has it all on hand. Always great to have a separate room for children where they can have toys, drawing things and other bits they like to keep them occupied.
    I hope the meeting with Teddy and Alex is beneficial and look forward to hearing the outcome of that. No doubt when Mrs M returns you will have to hear about her time away. Hope you’ve plenty of shortbread biscuits!!! xx


    1. Hi Maggie – we are so fortunate that the new village hall is open for business. They have been taking bookings for many different groups which want rooms for meetings or workshops. I was lucky in that I knew when they would be accepting bookings and I was able to “acquire” the building for a very reasonable price. So it is ours from the Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon. I was horrified at the thought of a marquee. They aren’t comfortable at all and if I’m going to be there for some time I intend to be settled nicely. There is a seating area with sofas and armchairs which is great. Hazel has volunteered to be the childrens’ entertainer which is absolutely wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing Mrs. M when she returns and yes, my biscuits will need replenishing before she comes to visit me. Love to you xx


  3. Hello Jan, good call steering the plans away from a marquee – the village hall sounds much more suitable. Would you like me to come over from “the other place” and entertain the children for the duration of the reception? I can do face painting, play bingo and a few other party games, and have some colouring and story books on hand for when they get tired. Plus I’m sure they will all bring electronic devices of some sort – kids these days seem to be surgically attached to them from about 3 years old onwards! I have a child first aid qualification and a current DBS certificate 🤣 xx


    1. Good Evening Hazel – that is so kind of you to offer to entertain the children on the Saturday. I will make sure that I book you into the motel for the Saturday night so once you’ve completed your stint you will be able to join in and certainly be able to have a few drinks. It will be really lovely to have you here. It’s one thing less for me to worry about. Yes, all these electronic devices keep beeping which is quite disconcerting. I’m sure we will find someone else who will help and be able to wash paint and crayons away from arms and legs. Incidentally I’m sure there will be a an accident book and first aid kit, but do you think I should buy anything specific in case of minor injuries. We’ll speak again to confirm details and I thank you again. Love to you xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lovely to hear from you, Jane. Yes, it’s the wrong time of year for a marquee. I’m so pleased that G has already been in touch with you. I’m sure that everything will be perfect. Hazel has volunteered to entertain the children too which has taken a great worry off my mind. xx

      Liked by 1 person

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