New Arrivals

Well, my dear friends, it’s lovely to be back here with you again – I was a concerned that I would be needing to go awol for a second time.  However, thanks to the timely intervention of antibiotics I think we’ve managed to keep this bug from going too deeply onto my chest.  I do still have little lumps on my face to add to the picture.

I had a welcome visit from Mrs M on Friday.  She had called me earlier in the week and asked if I was ready to receive company – in other words, could she come for a coffee!  She told me that a couple of “new gentlemen” have moved into apartments close to her.  Apparently one of the new arrivals used to be a senior police officer and the other was a partner in a firm of solicitors.  Both are now retired, of course. 

I don’t know their names – Mrs M was a little cagey about giving me that information.  I can’t think why – but I’m sure that, from the way she was talking about them, they have all known each other for some time.  Now I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.  Mrs M seems to know many folk, most of them men, I may add. They are probably lovely people and it’s just my imagination running away with me again.

I mentioned to you that I have heard police sirens wailing and police cars visiting here on a couple of occasions recently.  I told Mrs M that I had heard the sirens and asked if it was anything to do with the new resident who was previously a high ranking officer in the service.  She indicated that it wasn’t and that police officers had been talking to Mr Roach who is our building manager.  I’ve previously mentioned that I don’t like Mr R very much.  I do keep an open mind when meeting new people but he is a decidedly strange character.  I don’t like the way he creeps up behind people without them being aware.   When I see him I make a point of saying “Good day, Mr Roach, lovely to see you” in as loud a voice as possible, which then warns folk.

Mr R definitely doesn’t like me.  That doesn’t worry me at all.  However, I do ensure that I’m not ever alone with him.  I don’t invite him into my flat – I’m not being antisocial, but I don’t want to court trouble.  I also ensure that my door is securely double locked at night – and in fact, it is locked during the day, unless I’m specifically expecting friends to drop in.  Mr R appears to have a very smug expression on his face every time I see him.  There is something going on and I know it involves considerable amounts of money.

Now these flats are in a complex – they are all referred to as sheltered accommodation, but the residents in this building are at the very lowest level which is called independent living. There isn’t a manager who lives here.  I hadn’t realised that although we are left to our own devices – yes there is an assistance button in every room – there are other buildings within the complex that provide a little more assistance for their occupants.  Mr R appears to be not only our building manager, but also the manager of the other houses in the development.  This means that he has considerable opportunity to wander out and about, and to arrange all manner of things for any resident who requires them.  I suppose he is the equivalent of a concierge in a top London hotel – without the uniform, and most certainly without the pleasant manner.  He probably earns the equivalent of them, or even, possibly more, if you take the contents of the brown envelopes into account.

Well, my dears, time is passing and if I don’t post this soon another day will have disappeared.  Please stay safe in the wet and windy weather.  I’ll be back soon, with information about some other residents who seem to have become embroiled in the story.  Until then – As Always –

With Love – Jan xx

Who is that Man – Which One?

Who Is That Man – Which One? Just Jan.

Hello again, Dear Friends – my mysterious gentleman caller appears to have caught the imagination of several of you. As far I am aware there are two contenders for the title – although at this stage you are only aware of one.
The other person in question is the manager of this establishment. He is somewhat younger, so probably in his forties. He is always charming, but I don’t entirely trust him. He walks around very quietly, and appears behind people without any warning. If I were to suggest that he is a suspicious character, I’m sure you know what I mean.
I happened upon him yesterday and he was none too pleased to see me. He had been in conversation with a younger lady – now I’m not sure whether she lives here. I don’t think she does as she certainly appears to be younger than sixty, which is the minimum age for sheltered accommodation. That’s an interesting thought – Sheltered Accommodation – who is being sheltered – and from whom? Something to ponder on!

Sorry, I wandered away from the point again. The manager whose name is Mr Roach seems to have a constant stream of visitors. On more than one occasion he has received a large envelope of the brown variety. He looks inside it very quickly and then secretes it in his inside sports jacket pocket. When I receive brown envelopes they always contain bills – his don’t! There is definitely more to Mr R than meets the eye and I intend to discover what is going on.
Just for the moment I would like to return to my elderly gentleman. I don’t know whether you remember Leslie Phillips from the Carry On films (Carry On Teacher and Carry On Nurse to name but two) and various other television programmes. There is also Michael Caine who starred in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and a plethora of other films. My aging neighbour appears to be a charming combination of those two fine actors. Mr S has a twinkle in his eye and I have now noticed him chatting to other members within our happy community.
He has an endearing smile on his face, but always seems to be on the move as if he is concerned about becoming rooted to the spot. I am a little worried as to whether he has some dealings with Mr R which are, perhaps, a little dubious in nature. However, these things take time to establish and I’m only just beginning to know these characters – and at this stage it’s only on a superficial level.

I’ve been watching out of my window quite a lot over the past few days and I’m surprised just how many folk wander in and out of this building. Of course, it’s quite a little community, but how many people actually have a reason to be here? I’m not specifying anything at this time, but a large proportion of visitors seem to enter via a side door and not through the official entry system. Perhaps I’m being melodramatic and every person has a legitimate reason for their visit – we’ll need to wait and see. I certainly will be watching closely.
I’m not sure whether this post has helped you at all. I’m probably more confused – but that isn’t unusual. For now I’ll close and say – As Always –
With Love – Jan xx

The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens – Just Jan.

My Dear Friends, a few of you may remember that I had a visit from an elderly gentleman last Tuesday in the early evening. The encounter went something like this –
I opened the door after the bell was rung. A man, in his- late seventies or so, stood there and said “ah, you’re in then”. I wasn’t sure whether it was a question or a statement. However I replied “Yes, I think so”. That received the comment “that’s good – I just wanted to check”. With that, he turned and trotted towards the lift.
It was only a few weeks ago that I met Mrs M – or Mrs Metcalf to give her full surname. I don’t know whether she has a first name – well, I suppose she must have, but everyone just calls her Mrs. M! We met over the telephone – fair enough, that part of the story has become a little convoluted so I’ll move swiftly on.
It transpires that Mrs M now lives down the corridor in a similar flat to mine. She refers to her flat as an apartment – apparently it sounds so much better! I’m not sure what she did in a former life, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she worked in a casino. She carries the most enormous handbag – it reminds me of Mary Poppin’s carpet-bag. It’s ideal for wandering off with balls of yarn, pieces of shortbread and lots of other items. It’s also perfect for carrying plenty of loose change. She has lots of those little plastic money bags all banks give out to customers. I have seen Mrs M remove several bags of change from her handbag, only to put them back again very quickly while she ensures that no-one is watching her.
I have heard on the grapevine that Mrs. M has several visitors who call on her regularly. There’s nothing wrong with this of course – she can have as many visitors as she likes. In her flat (sorry, apartment) she has a card table with a green baize top. This takes pride of place in her living room – referred to as the sitting room! I also know that she is very fond of playing cards and is also a dab hand at throwing a little ball into a roulette wheel. I may well be adding two and two together but I suggest that there may be some gambling going on in Mrs. M’s establishment.
She has a well-stocked bar and some beautiful glasses and is never short of money. Well, she wouldn’t be – I supply her yarn and her other visitors seem to provide a certain amount of cash. If she is the croupier Mrs. M won’t ever lose, will she? Of course, this needs to be kept under wraps as I’m sure she doesn’t have a gaming license.
I’m still not sure how the dapper man who appeared at my door fits in to the plot – but I’m sure that he does – somehow. However I think that may have to be a story for another time.
I hope that you feel you now know a little more about Mrs. M and I’m sure there will be lots more to hear about her – and her friends. I hope that you had an enjoyable weekend however you spent it. As Always –
With Love – Jan xx

Mrs Metcalf

Mrs Metcalf – Just Jan.

Some of you are aware of Mrs Metcalf but it doesn’t really matter either way.  She’s an elderly lady, probably in her late seventies or so.  I don’t like to ask her – it would definitely be a question she wouldn’t answer.  We have some interesting conversations – well, as long as you remember that she is normally a couple of sentences, or questions, behind.  So anyone listening who wasn’t aware of the situation could be totally confused.  

I’ll give you a couple of examples.  I ask her about a book which she borrowed from the library – and she tells me about her shopping.  I then mention a book I’m reading on my Kindle and she continues by saying that her grandson is coming to see her.  I love my Kindle, but Mrs M thinks that you take it to the library and bring back a different one with another book on it.  In other words you exchange Kindles and each one has just one book on it!  I have tried to explain that there are many hundreds of books which can be stored on a Kindle, but Mrs M says “you can only read one at a time” and that is the end of the subject.

There’s nothing wrong with Mrs M’s memory.  She seems to wander round to see me just about coffee time. She knows where I keep the biscuits and is very quick to point out when I’ve run out of shortbread again. I do enjoy her company and she always has the latest bits of gossip.  Not that I listen – not me!!  She also likes to go and feed the ducks on the local pond and regularly asks if I have any stale bread for them. I’m also instructed to cut it into small pieces – because it’s easier for the ducks.

Right, I better go now and think about what I’m going to eat later.  Salmon seems to be favourite for tonight.  Whatever you do, stay warm and cosy in this cold weather.

Thank you for being here.  As always –

With Love – Jan xx

The Start of Something Small

Well dear friends – this is a new beginning. Not just for me, but for all of us. I hope that you won’t be too disappointed with my ramblings. There certainly won’t be any deep and meaningful discussions within these contents.

Many of you are aware of how I reached this point.  However, in case anyone else has stumbled upon this page and hasn’t a clue what I’m wittering about, let’s try and bring you up to speed.

Until Sunday 21st October 2018 I lived with my dear husband in a beautiful area of South Lakeland, Cumbria.  As I am disabled Ian looked after me – he was my carer – in addition to having full time employment as a local politician.  During that Sunday afternoon my husband died suddenly.  From that time not only has my life changed, but it has also completely altered things for my wonderful son, gorgeous daughter-in-law and their very cute baby.

I realised very quickly that I wouldn’t be able to remain living in Cumbria.  It just wasn’t practical for any of us.  We decided that I would be more comfortable living closer to my little family, where they would be able to visit me without it taking up the majority of the day.  

Within a couple of weeks, we had the funeral, which wasn’t as bad as I had expected and Tim started looking for a new home for me.  We were exceedingly lucky that a flat was available a short distance from where Tim, Hannah and Charlie live.  

On 20th December 2018 I moved into a second floor flat which although has the sheltered accommodation tag, is actually at the lower end and referred to as “independent living”.  My little flat is wonderful.  I have a living room with an archway to a small kitchen – I also have a comfortable bedroom and a shower room.  It is perfect for my needs – it is very quiet, which is lovely.  I have my own front door and I can shut the world out on the other side of it.

As I said in my first sentence – this is a new beginning.  Once I get a little moreorganised I will be back and giving details of what goes on in my little world.  I do hope that you’ll join me otherwise I’ll be talking to myself.  Well – I am anyway – but you know what I mean!

I’ll go now, but thank you for reading – and for your support.  As always –

With Love – Jan xx

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