The Plot Thickens Again…

Hello my dear, yes, it’s me again.  I know we’ve only spoken a couple of days ago but I know you like to have all my little bits of news.  I’m really sorry about this, but before I even ask you how you are, I need to ask you a question – how does a plot thicken?  Do you add cornflour and then stir it?  It’s such a silly phrase, but one which is used on a very regular basis.

Right now I’ve got that off my chest, I must tell you – oh no, now I really am forgetting my manners! That will never do.  I know that it’s not considered to be important to many folk, but it is to me.  How are you and the family today?  That’s good and thank you, yes I will really enjoy coming to tea next week.  The children may possibly have forgotten me by then!

Yes, thank you, both of us are coping reasonably well.  Mrs. M is rather shaken; I’m sure that you’ll understand that.  Neither of us is in our first (or second) flush of youth, and incidents like this can affect us for some time – both mentally and physically.  Mrs. M was delighted to be back here last night.  She said that the hospital bed was very noisy and she could hear it crackling.  I think it’s something to do with the plastic sheet which covers the mattress!

Freddie rang me late morning and said that he had been told he could collect Mrs. M at any time after 4pm yesterday.  By the time everything was sorted out for her release it was nearly 5pm when they arrived here.  Freddie said that he wouldn’t stay for a cup of tea, but would pop to see us sometime today, and if we needed anything at all we were to ring him straightaway.

After he had gone and Mrs. M changed into her PJs and dressing gown we settled down with our cups of tea while Mrs. M tried to explain what had happened.  I decided to let her tell me, in her own words, without me interrupting her – that’s quite difficult for me!  You know what I’m like, for putting in my two-pennysworth!

So then – as she went out for her little walk, she switched the torch on and ambled down to the edge of the loch.  Apparently it was completely silent outside as she wandered slowly along the water’s edge.  She could just see the lights at the hotel twinkling in the distance.  She decided to walk a little further before turning round and heading back here.  As she changed direction a figure rushed up to her and knocked her to the ground. Mrs. M gave a little scream and then tried to pick herself up.  However, the person pushed her down again by hitting her on her arm and shoulder.

At that point she thinks that she lost consciousness for a short time.  The next part of the story is a little vague.  Mrs. M thought she heard the man who attacked her speaking to another person who said “are you sure you’re right?”  The first guy said “no, I don’t think so”.  Mrs. M said that she could hear them arguing – and then they said something about a picture, which she didn’t understand. Apparently one of the men then said “I’d better ring him”, but she was unable to hear what else was said.  She decided that it would be best to keep still and not to let them know that she was awake and could hear them.  She then told me that one of the guys made a very short call saying “it’s the wrong one”.  With that, the two men ran away quickly, leaving Mrs. M on the ground.

At that point Mrs. M thinks she lost consciousness again, because the next thing she remembered was Freddie and a couple of members of his staff from the hotel kneeling down and talking to her.  She told Freddie that someone had pushed her down to the ground, but didn’t mention the conversation between the men.  Poor Mrs. M didn’t know what to do for the best so she decided not to tell anyone about the men, apart from me.

I decided that Mrs. M should have an early night and I told her to go to bed after we had our supper.  She has sprained her wrist and also her ankle so she is hobbling around.  She has also got a huge bruise on her hip; which is presumably where she landed on it after her fall.  The hospital staff gave her some painkillers, to make her feel a little more comfortable.  I left her reading a book during the evening.  I popped in to see her on a couple of occasions and she was asleep.  When I went in about 10.30pm she was awake again, so I asked if she would like a warm drink.  She decided that a mug of hot chocolate would be wonderful so I made us each one – complete with mini marshmallows.  We both enjoyed our drinks and then I left her to settle down for the night.

When I got up this morning, Mrs. M was already sitting in the living room, although she was still wearing her PJs.  Apparently she slept reasonably, although it hurt her every time she moved.  I made us some cereal and toast while Mrs. M poured us both a cup of tea.

Well my dear, this is the up to date situation.  Mrs. M is very stiff this morning and struggling to move very far.  I’m sure that she will improve in the next couple of days.  I need to have a further conversation with her, but I still need to treat her gently as she is rather vulnerable at the moment.

I’m expecting Freddie to come round at some point today.  I’m proposing to tell him that we will be staying  here until Monday or Tuesday and then heading back home.  Until that time, we won’t be venturing outside at all.  Freddie, very kindly, offered to go shopping for us.  He said that if we decided what we would like, he’d call back, pick up a list and then go to the local store, which seems to sell everything.  Freddie thought that that would be easier for us than contacting the shop and asking them to deliver it here.

So that is where we are now, my dear.  Thank you very much for your offer to collect us, but I really wouldn’t want to put you to so much trouble.  In actual fact, Bertie, Mrs. M’s brother has already said that he will pick us up and drive us back to Lavinia Court.

Yes, we will be perfectly safe.  The door will be locked and as the weather isn’t due to be very good over the next few days, we won’t leave the cabin at all.  Yes, my dear, I will have another conversation with Mrs. M.  I know that you’re not convinced by her behaviour.  I think it may be because you don’t really know her.  However we will see what transpires in the next couple of weeks.  I’m now going to make us both another pot of tea.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Keep The Home Fires Burning…

I’m really sorry my dear to have rung you while I’m in such a tizzy this morning, but things have gone seriously astray.  I thought that although my flat at Lavinia Court had been violated, we were, at least safe here over the borders in wonderful Scotland.

It appears that I am very sadly mistaken.  I know that I’m not making much sense at the moment, but I’m decidedly upset by the events which have happened during the past few hours.  No, it’s no use keep asking me questions; please let me explain in my own good time.

Right, OK – in a nutshell the situation is that Mrs. M went missing late yesterday afternoon.  It had been raining heavily for the past couple of days and we were both a little stir-crazy with being pinned inside.  Although we enjoy each other’s company, we are both used to living alone.  It takes a considerable effort to maintain a conversation over a protracted period of time and although I am happy to sit quietly with my knitting or reading, Mrs. M tends to witter on – even more than me.  She likes to fill the pauses in conversation by saying something – anything, rather than letting the silences happen and accepting them for what they are – natural breaks.

However, my dear, the point was that Mrs. M decided that she fancied going for a little walk down to the water’s edge.  She took a quick look round outside, and said that it was quite muddy, and as it was beginning to get a little darker, she felt that I would be happier remaining indoors.  I was very comfortable with my knitting – yes, my dear I am getting on well with my sock.  I just need to do about another inch before I start the decreases.

Right my dear, as I was saying, Mrs. M decided to go for a short walk.  She told me that she would only be about twenty minutes or so – she was going down to the edge of the loch just to get some fresh air.  I reminded her to take a torch – it’s very easy to slip on wet leaves and then fall.  She also had her phone with her.  I said that I’d set a timer for twenty minutes and then make us a cup of tea.

So off Mrs. M went – she had a pair of boots on, with non-slip soles and a jacket with a fleecy lining.  You would have thought she was going to Antarctica rather than just a couple of hundred yards!  However, I thought it was a good idea for her to have a little walk as she had been saying that she could do with stretching her legs. 

I decided to check her knitting while she was out in case I needed to do any running repairs.  It was rather odd – she had been knitting quite a lot over the past couple of days, but when I looked at it, I would honestly swear that it was only one or two rounds further forward than when I last checked it!  I really can’t understand how that can be!

Anyway, I put it back in her project bag and then went to make a cup of tea.  The timer buzzed just as I put the kettle on so by the time I poured the tea I was expecting to hear Mrs. M coming through the door.  Ten minutes later she still hadn’t returned, so I opened the door and listened to see if I could hear her coming.  I had put the outside light on while she was out, because although at 4pm it’s still light, once it gets to about 4.30 it is decidedly dusk.

After another few minutes I was beginning to feel a little concerned, so I rang the hotel and spoke to Freddie to ask if Mrs. M had wandered up there.  He said he hadn’t seen her but would ask in reception to see if she had popped in, and then he would walk along the edge of the loch towards our cabin.  He told me not to worry and said he’d find her. 

I said I’d ring him if she appeared back here in the meantime.  As there wasn’t anything else I could do I had my cup of tea, although it was rather stewed by then. I then sat down to await developments.  I didn’t hear anything for about thirty minutes or so and then there was quite a lot of noise outside.  Freddie was there and there were two other guys with him. 

He had found Mrs. M just a couple of hundred yards away.  She was lying on the ground next to the edge of the loch.  Apparently she was unconscious when they found her, so Freddie rang for an ambulance.  She woke up shortly afterwards but was rather groggy, so Freddie spoke to the emergency services who decided they would send an ambulance to the hotel and the paramedics would put her on a stretcher and take her to be checked out.  Freddie said that Mrs. M said that her arm was hurting and her hip was rather sore – although that may be the way she fell.

Freddie said that he asked her what she fell over – he couldn’t see any trip hazards at all, but Mrs. M said that she didn’t fall.  She said that someone ran into her deliberately     and pushed her over and she banged her head when she landed.  Freddie did say that she sounded very confused and rather dithery.  I can understand that – any fall can seriously upset your confidence, as well as causing an actual injury. 


Freddie said that he would follow the ambulance in his car, so that if Mrs. M could come back he would be able to drive her here.  In the meantime, he asked if I would like to spend the night at the hotel rather than being on my own here, but I decided that I would prefer to stay here where I have my own things round me.  Freddie said that the owners of the cabin next door are here for a few days, so he would just pop and see them and tell them to be aware of any strangers wandering around.  I will lock the door and bolt it at the top and bottom and I’ll be perfectly safe.

So my dear, that is the situation.  Mrs. M has gone to the hospital.  I’ve just had a brief conversation with her.  She’s rather upset, which I can understand.  She says she knows that she didn’t fall, but that someone deliberately “attacked” her.  She has been seen by a doctor and they want her to remain there overnight as she was unconscious.  Her other injuries are being checked out.

Freddie has just phoned me and said virtually the same thing.  Mrs. M will remain there till tomorrow and as long as everything looks OK they will release her then.  Freddie says that he will collect her and bring her back.  I think we need to stay here for a few more days before we travel back south.  It will give Mrs. M the opportunity to rest and recover.  We have plenty of supplies and the local store will deliver any other items if necessary.

As you can appreciate, I’m rather unhappy about this situation, but there isn’t anything I can do to change it. Of course, it could have been considerably more serious.  It could have been someone expecting to find me – so was it mistaken identity?  Mrs. M could have received considerably more injuries!  Perhaps she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time!

It may simply have been a teenager wandering around in an area that he wasn’t supposed to be, and then he panicked when seeing Mrs. M or whether it was something more dangerous I really don’t know.  Freddie says that he will have a word with the local police and they will probably send someone down.  I don’t think that will do any good, as the area has been trodden down by lots of different sized shoes. 

I suppose I should get myself something to eat although I’m not really very hungry.  I could make myself a sandwich as I really can’t be bothered to have anything more substantial. I’m sorry I’m rather downbeat just now, but it’s yet another incident which doesn’t make any sense to me.  Oh well, I’m away to make another drink.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

When a Felon’s not Engaged in his Employment…

Good morning my dear – how are you today?  Yes, it’s lovely to speak with you again but I must confess that I am a little befuddled with one thing and another.  However, I really must ask about your family – do you have any photos you can show me today?  Oh, my dear they are really gorgeous.  Thank you so much – you know how I love to see them.  The children are growing so quickly.  I really can’t believe it’s only a month since I saw them last.  

Right then, now that I’m up-to-date with your news I’d better let you know what is happening in my world.  I really don’t know why things need to be so difficult – why do people need to be devious and underhand.  If there is an issue – please just tell me – let’s resolve it, and don’t make it even more complicated than it needs to be.

I know I’m speaking in rather an obtuse style which I don’t particularly like but I don’t know how else to say it.  I don’t know what is going on, but perhaps it will gradually become clear to us both.  I probably need to go back a couple of steps so you will understand!

You remember that there had been some phone calls to my flat but we didn’t know where they had come from.   Well that situation is still the same.  However, when Georgie went into my flat earlier, she wasn’t happy.  Apparently my bedroom door was wide open and the bedding was rather crumpled as if someone had been sleeping or lying on my bed!  Georgie decided to review the spy camera in my bedroom to see what was showing – but now there’s a surprise – the camera is missing!  I thought it was hidden quite well, but obviously not well enough, and it has gone.  To make matters worse, I meant to link the cameras to Georgie’s laptop before I came away, but with one thing and another I completely forgot.  So there’s nothing which can be checked!  I didn’t have a camera in my hallway – there wasn’t really anywhere convenient to place it; however it would probably have been found and removed. 

The funny thing is that whoever went into my flat managed to get in without smashing the lock.  You may remember that I had a new lock fitted after Gordon’s uninvited visit, but obviously my mysterious visitor managed to pick the new lock so the door looked as it usually did.  Georgie rang Teddy who rushed round – she had a quick look to see if there were any fingerprints – but no, there weren’t any obvious ones.  They both then went into the living room, which hadn’t been disturbed at all.  Georgie had closed the living room door after her last visit and it was still shut when they went in together.  It would appear that whoever my “visitor” was, they just went in the bedroom.  The cameras were still there in the living room but there hadn’t been anything for them to record, which is great, but still leaves me a little confused.  So the implication is that someone went into the flat just to prove that they could.  Nothing was taken, although apparently it was obvious that the chest of drawers and wardrobe in the bedroom had been opened.

Georgie and Teddy stripped all the bedding off my bed and after a conversation with me, Teddy took it back to police headquarters.  She is aware that I don’t want it back. She also took the duvet and pillows with her – just in case.  As it happens there were only two pillows on the bed, as the remainder were in the top of the wardrobe.  I had just changed the bedding the morning I came away, so that I could come back to a fresh bed.  However, I have other duvet covers and pillow cases – I just need to buy another duvet.  In fact I think I’ll order one online and have it delivered to Georgie who has said she will remake the bed in readiness for me.   I’m so lucky with the friends that I have – they all do things to help me which are more than simple friendship.

So then, what do I think – I’m fairly sure that whoever invaded my privacy did so just to prove a point.  They didn’t intend to steal anything – they wanted to show that they could reach me whenever they want.  It’s rather frightening, because I don’t know why?  They must have known I wasn’t there – there wasn’t any attempt to go any further into the flat.  Apparently nothing was disturbed apart from in my bedroom.  However, the question that worries me is – would I have received a visitor if I had been at home, or was this purely because I was away?  I really don’t know.

It’s a worrying thought because I’m not particularly mobile and wouldn’t be able to fight off any intruders.  I’m sure that if I made enough noise then Georgie or another neighbour would try to assist me, but how long would that take?

Right my dear, I need to pick myself up.  There’s no point in looking on the pessimistic side, and trying to second-guess these criminals.  I don’t know what they want, and I don’t know how I appear to be involved.  However, there isn’t anything I can do while I’m still here in Scotland.  I don’t plan on rushing back home because there isn’t anything I can do to change things.  I’m sure that I’m safe here for the time being so there’s nothing to be gained by me returning home.

Oh yes, Mrs. M – thank you for asking about her.  She seems to be OK, but still rather pre-occupied with something.  She has been trying to get on with her knitting.  I’ve been checking how she is doing every few rounds, so as to catch any problems before they get to the point where I have to frog it all again.  Apart from one or two rather loose stitches, which in the scheme of things don’t matter, she is doing reasonably well.  I’m certainly not going to frog it for minor “design features” which add to the individuality of the item anyway.

We haven’t managed to go out as there has been rather a heavy precipitation over the past couple of days.  Fortunately it’s just been rain, as snow would cause us severe problems!  I’m hoping that it’s too early in the year for snow.  I understand that it’s usually from the middle of December onwards that the white stuff creates problems around here.

Anyway my dear, that is the current situation.  I can’t say that I’m happy, but there doesn’t seem to be anything more which can be done at this time.  Oh yes, Georgie asked me about the lock on my front door.  We have decided to leave it till I get home and then ask our friends at the police to recommend a locksmith and to advise me on the best choice of lock.  I think I also need to have a bolt on my door for overnight, so that if anyone does manage to unlock the door then they will find bolts top and bottom which will certainly slow their entrance down – long enough for me to summon assistance.  This sounds absolutely ridiculous – a tiny flat in a retirement complex with bolts on the door!  It would be laughable – apart from the fact that it is serious!  Oh well, let’s hope that it will all be over soon.  I wish I knew what “it” was, but I don’t, which doesn’t help anyone.

Mrs. M has just asked if I would like a cup of tea, so I must answer her and then we need to decide what we’re going to eat later.  Oh yes, we had a delivery from the local store yesterday – they were really good at choosing items for us and the produce is all excellent quality.  So now we are well stocked up again.  We’ll speak again soon my dear.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Insensible to Fear as Anybody here…

Yes, I know, my dear – it’s rather a silly title, but at the present time I can’t think of anything better, so it will need to remain – unless of course, you can do better?  Feel free – it’s not easy trying to come up with a catchy heading every couple of days.  What did you mumble?  OK, you may not think that they’re catchy, but don’t forget that I am rather more wise (hmm – well maybe!) and definitely several decades older than you!

Right then, shall we try again – perhaps both of us will be in a slightly better frame of mind.  How are you and your gorgeous family today?  Are the children behaving themselves?   It will be lovely to see them all again when I return home. 

I’ve been a tad worried over the past couple of days.  I know that I may be rather silly, but I’m very concerned about the goings on at Lavinia Court.  Apparently a senior police officer has spoken to someone at Head Office, who has indicated that the work in the communal areas will be completed on time!  When that is, nobody seems to know!  The person they spoke to – apparently one of their legal team, has suggested that I’m exaggerating the seriousness of the events.   According to the “spokesman” or do you have to say “spokesperson” nowadays, there haven’t been any major incidents about which the residents need to concern themselves.  Apparently the deaths of Gordon, Peter and his sister were simply unfortunate accidents (according to the guy from Head Office).  They say that Gordon mustn’t have washed out the decanter properly and that there was a small residue of bleach which may have killed them.  How on earth do they come up with this rubbish.  Teddy has contacted me again today, and told me that the police officer has informed the solicitor at Head Office that he is completely wrong in his assumption.  The solicitor was told, in no uncertain terms, that the residents need to have better security and there have been several crimes perpetrated in and around Lavinia Court which require further investigation. 

I believe that the conversation didn’t end as amicably as it started which was rather unfortunate.  However, the police officers now understand why I often feel that Head Office personnel aren’t as helpful as they should be.   There isn’t anything I can do to change things, and it means that the residents are in a vulnerable position at present.

I’m absolutely certain that many of the residents aren’t aware that anything has been going on.  To be honest there are many of them who are in their eighties and a couple (at least) who are in their ninth decade.  Those folk who live on the ground and first floors don’t have any reason to come up to the second floor which is where all of the action – for want of a better word – has taken place.  Yes, my dear, I understand that they may have friends who live on the second floor, but even so, people tend to gravitate downstairs rather than up!  I know that many folk will have heard bits and pieces but to be honest, if it doesn’t actually affect you, it’s easy to ignore or forget it, particularly when you are older.  Look at me, I’m always forgetting things – you know how I lose my train of thoughts really easily, and wander onto another topic without a second thought.

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While we’re having this little chat, I’ll just let you know what we’ve been doing.  The weather has been rather changeable, so we haven’t been out for many walks down to the loch.  It is lovely to be down there, but there has been rather a lot of rain, and it’s been quite windy too, so we both prefer to remain in the warmth of our wonderful cabin.   It really does feel like home – although it doesn’t have all the clutter, which is great.

Mrs. M is attempting to restart her knitting again.  I haven’t asked her what she is making because I don’t want to tempt fate!  I’ve suggested that she counts the number of stitches as she goes round to make sure it is the same number each time.  It also means that she doesn’t interrupt me quite as often – if she is counting and then starts a conversation she completely loses track of where she is up to – which doesn’t bode well for me! 

I’ve noticed that she’s had quite a few text messages in the past couple of days.  They are probably from her sister who lives on the Isle of Islay or possibly, Bertie her brother who is in Edinburgh.  Having said that, Mrs. M does seem slightly distracted – even more so than normal.  She’s always been rather ditsy, but this seems a little different.  I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.  She’ll tell me if and when she’s ready.

While I’m still thinking about it, I should let you know that there have been more phone calls to my flat.  Unfortunately the caller seems to hang up after it has only rung three or four times.  Georgie has been there on a few occasions and she has rushed to the phone to try to speak to whoever is there but she hasn’t managed it yet. Although I had previously told her to ignore it if it rang, we changed our minds and decided that it may be worth trying to answer it. We thought that the caller may actually say something which could assist us in one way or another.  We’re not sure whether the note writer thinks I’m still at the flat or if he/she knows that I am away.

The interesting thing is that he hasn’t tried ringing my mobile number.  I don’t know why – perhaps he doesn’t know it but I would have thought he may have been able to obtain it from someone.  Although there still isn’t a permanent manager on site, the office door is sometimes open so residents can leave messages, and of course there are several folk who have my mobile number.   As there are so many people wandering around the building, no-one takes any notice of someone being in the office – or anywhere else!  Anyway I suppose I should be grateful that he hasn’t rung me here – that would be another thing which would upset me.

Right my dear, I’ve wittered on for far too long again.  I do hope you will excuse me for that – and we’ll speak again in a couple of days. We have decided to make a shopping list today, ring the order through, and the local store will deliver tomorrow morning.  We still have some items in but we would like some more vegetables and a small loaf.  The trouble is that once you start thinking of things it’s too easy to get carried away.  Oh, yes some frozen fruit would be lovely to make a crumble.  We already have some of the topping in the fridge as we had too much to use in just one pudding.  I’ll be in touch again soon.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Here We Go Again…

Well, good day my dear.  I know that I only spoke with you the other day but I thought you’d want to know the latest piece of news.  Yes, OK, I will get on with it, but not before pleasantries have been exchanged.  I know it irritates you slightly, but I’m a creature of habit and feel we should observe the niceties.  There’s nothing wrong in taking a couple of minutes to enquire about the health of friends and family, and to give and receive a few kind words.

Mrs. M is fine – thank you for asking.  She talks rather more than I’m used to; however, it’s lovely to have her company and it would be churlish to mention it.  After all, we both spend much of our time alone, and so enjoy the chance of a little blether.    I don’t think Mrs. M has quite come to terms with the fact that I’m still here each morning, as she always looks a little surprised to see me making a drink or sitting quietly with my Kindle.  Yes, I have managed to read quite a lot, which I thoroughly enjoy and my sock is coming along quite nicely.  On the other hand, please don’t enquire about Mrs. M’s knitting, as it seems to be in a worse condition now than yesterday.  I had managed to unravel it and set her off again in the right direction, but goodness knows how she’s managed to make one side, on circular needles, longer than the other.  She’s done it though, so I’m not certain what to do next.  I think a mammoth session of frogging is just around the corner – probably later this afternoon.

Oh yes sorry, my dear I had completely forgotten what I was going to tell you.  Hold the front page – well no, nothing quite as startling as that, but I do have a little bit of news to impart.  Georgie has been in touch with me again – this time, on the phone and in a bit of a tizzy.  As you know she has been popping into my flat each day to water the plants and to check whether there has been any post.  Well, apart from the usual circulars and catalogues trying to part us from our money, there was another envelope this morning – one that she didn’t like the look of as the address was printed in block capitals.

At that point she rang me to ask what to do so I instructed her to use the paperknife to carefully slit the envelope open and then use the small wooden tongs from the kitchen to lift the paper out.  Yes, I know it seems like quite a bit of faffing around, but you never know, there could be fingerprints on the paper, and if so, we don’t want to smudge them.  That would be an awful shame as they could help the police considerably in their investigations. I would really like to know who is trying to frighten me – and why. 

I’m feeling a little more anxious again.  I’m sure you can understand.    Georgie managed to open the envelope and took the piece of paper out.  There was a note which was similar to the one I received the other day.  I don’t know what the point was in sending a second note.  Perhaps they are trying to keep the pressure on me!   However, Georgie rang Teddy who popped round straightaway to collect it.

Since then I’ve had another call from Georgie to let me know that Teddy was taking the note and envelope back to divisional headquarters.  I’ve also received a call from Teddy who told me that Julie, the policewoman has now seen the note and passed it to her Inspector.  Teddy had already checked it for fingerprints – no there weren’t any unfortunately, although apparently there was something which couldn’t be identified at the edge of the paper.  The interesting thing is that there weren’t any fingerprints on the envelope, apart from those belonging to George.  Teddy took a set of Georgie’s prints for elimination purposes.  Now that definitely suggests that this note didn’t come through the postal system.  There was a stamp on the envelope but it hadn’t been franked.  Teddy says that they think that it was hand-delivered this morning, probably around the time the postman delivers the mail. 

I am feeling rather upset about this latest development. As I’ve only heard about it a short time ago I’m actually quite mystified as to the reasons behind it.  Whether someone thinks that I’ve actually seen something that identifies them I really can’t say.  Is this something to do with the death of Gordon and Peter (and his sister), or does this relate to the death of Patricia or something else entirely?  I really haven’t a clue, which makes it quite distressing.

At the moment, there aren’t any security cameras in operation at the front entrance to Lavinia Court.  There are workmen in the building upgrading the electrics in the common areas, so there are quite a number of strange people wandering around.  There are still the “uninvited guests” residing in Gordon and Peter’s apartments as well, so there are many unknown folk currently in the building at one time or another.

I feel that I’m in the safest place just now, well away from Lavinia Court although Mrs. M and I won’t be able to stay here indefinitely.  However, we can certainly remain for another week, unless something unexpected comes along which necessitates us changing our plans. 

Well my dear this is the up-to-date situation.  It’s not the best news in the world, although “worse things happen at sea”.  I’m not going to let this spoil our little break, which apart from this envelope and its enclosed note has been most enjoyable up to now.  We have decided that we’re quite happy staying in the cabin and taking ourselves down to the water’s edge for short periods.  We are still fine for supplies and don’t need to order anything more just yet.  We are cooking simple meals and thoroughly enjoying them.  We had a lovely roast chicken dinner yesterday and have enough left for a repeat, and we have also made a casserole which will last for two meals.  Neither of us eat very much so a small quantity of food goes a long way. 

Right my dear, I really must go now if I’m to make any sense of Mrs. M’s knitting.  Spare a thought for me while I’m frogging it for the second time and I’m sure it won’t be the last one.  I will speak with you again in a couple of days, unless anything else happens before then – and then, in that case I’ll obviously let you know as soon as possible.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Step we Gaily, On we Go…

Good Afternoon, my dear and yes, it’s lovely to be speaking with you again.  We’ve had a lovely couple of days since we last spoke, but I thought it would be a good idea to have a little catch-up.  I know how you worry if I don’t keep in touch.

I’ve got a couple of photos to show you in a couple of minutes.  The cabin is absolutely gorgeous – it’s so comfortable – actually it’s just like being at home, which is all anyone could possibly want.  Mrs. M brought some knitting with her, which she got into a dreadful tangle.  I don’t know how she manages it – sometimes I think it’s deliberate!  Well, not really, but how she gets it into such a mess I just can’t understand.  I did manage to sort it out eventually.

Photo by JACK REDGATE on

Most of the other cabins seem to be empty at the moment, which actually suits us rather well.  I don’t want to sound as if I’m being antisocial, but the fewer folk we need to chat to at the present time, the happier I am.  I don’t think I realised how tired I was – and probably rather stressed about the situation at Lavinia Court.

Oh yes, I knew I had something that I wanted to mention.  Well, my dear, I’ve had a couple of texts from Georgie who lives in the flat opposite mine.  She has reported that the landline rang when she popped into my flat yesterday.  She had gone to check whether the plants needed watering – and yes, they did.  It’s surprising how much water a few little spider plants drink.  However, Georgie went in while Billy stayed in her flat.  She locked the door when she was in my flat to ensure that nobody could just walk in – not that I would expect them to – but you never know.  As I was saying, the phone rang, and as instructed she ignored it.  She said that it didn’t ring many times and when she checked the number which called by dialling 1471 the automated voice said that the number had been withheld. 

I’m sure it was just chance that the phone rang when Georgie was there as there wouldn’t be any way for someone to know whether the flat was occupied or not at that particular time.  However, whether that was the first call or not there isn’t any way to know.  I suppose it’s possible that someone may try and get into the building.  Theoretically they should be declined entry at the front security doors, but if a resident lets themselves in just at the time someone else wants to come in, it’s a good possibility they could walk straight in too.

Georgie did say that there wasn’t any post for me – I always think “no post, no bills”.   However they don’t really bother me as I know exactly what to expect every month.  What I am pleased about is the absence of anonymous notes.  I know it is early days and of course, there could be one or more in the next few days, but Georgie will check for me.  If I’m uncertain about where an envelope is from she has instructions to use the paperknife to open it carefully and check the contents.  If necessary she will call Teddy for me.  I really hope that will be unnecessary, but yet again, I just don’t know.  What I definitely know is that receiving these threats is all rather tiring, and I need to have a break from the constant worry of it all.

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on

Back to our little holiday here!  As the weather was reasonable earlier today we had a little wander round outside.  Mrs. M pushed the wheelchair and once she got the hang of it she was actually quite good.  She had expected it to be like a supermarket trolley, where one wheel wants to go in a different direction.  Obviously with the wheelchair that doesn’t happen at all.  I think she quite enjoyed “being in control” and me having to go in the direction she pushed.  She was a little limited in that she had to follow the paths, but that was fine.  We went down to the edge of the loch – it’s only about fifty yards from the cabin and then we followed the path along for another couple of hundred yards.  We passed two other cabins which we couldn’t see from here.  The interesting thing is that from the outside of those two cabins it isn’t possible to see the one where we are staying.  Unless someone actually comes up to our cabin no-one would know we are here. 

It’s all private property as we are in the grounds of the hotel so although guests staying there may decide to have a short stroll they would be more likely to stay close to the edge of the loch than go wandering through the wooded areas.  There isn’t a burglar alarm on the cabin – I don’t suppose anyone would think it necessary.  There is the normal yale lock but also a couple of heavy bolts at the top and bottom of the solid front door so I feel quite safe.

As I mentioned the last time we spoke we called in at the local store to buy some provisions for three or four days.  Well, we’ve been here for a couple of days now and it doesn’t look as if we’ve touched our supplies.  Obviously we’ve had some eggs, milk and Mrs. M had bacon for her lunch yesterday, but apart from those things, we don’t seem to be going through the produce very quickly.  We do have some chops that we think we’ll have later with some vegetables.  Oh yes, and we have a small chicken that we want to cook in the morning.  That will give us a couple of roast dinners and sandwiches as well.  There may even be enough for a small casserole.

So my dear, as I said at the beginning, I have very little to tell you, but I wanted you to know that we are both fine and looking after ourselves.  I hope that everything remains stable at Lavinia Court, but at the moment I’m not going to worry about it, as it won’t make any difference.

Look after yourself my dear, and I’ll speak again with you very soon.  Love to the family.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

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